Cloud Server: Survival of Time



I’ve done this before too.

Porky used a titanium pickaxe and gave me my trapdoor.




The server is private and whitelisted right now. Yes, a few people were mad because I banned them do they recreated my server lol.


I had to clear the whitelist, so please say here if you’re not on it and you want to be. :blush:


Just incase for the weekend

IGN: Frater Universe


Wrong thread Kapa xD


:joy::joy: sorry


Everyone, please check before you ask. I have added quite a few people. Almost a hundred. :slight_smile:

Frater, I believe you are already on it.


Like Skeeve is doing on his server, I will also start construction soon. I may have to do it right before 1.7 is released and whitelist the server. No details, as always… I like to keep you all guessing :wink:


I’ll help, Porky. Just let me know beforehand what you’d like me to do :slight_smile: And HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAILEY!!! :tada::gift::confetti_ball::balloon::shopping:


I’d like to be whitelisted and I’ll help with the server if needed.

By the way happy birthday @agentpinkdog!!!


I believe you already are. :slight_smile: Your ign is UMICORN?


Yes. :blush:


When you want to get to the server as soon as weekend hits. No one shall escape the frater’s fury



Does that mean you’re on it?


I believe so, but I can’t check, for family rules don’t allow me to for a while

I will be sure to join though.


Hey porky I got banned and idk what I did or why I was but I really like survival of time and was wondering if you would please unban me. I didn’t do anything wrong


Can I be whitelisted


What is your IGN? :slight_smile:

Also, we have a rule to not double post. See here to see what. It is and how to fix it. :wink:


I think they were banned for something in the mines, though I don’t remember what.