Cloud Server: Survival of Time



The person who made a pod in the caves?


Not sure if I asked to be whitelisted,but my ign is dagger_Mace.


You were already on it. :slight_smile:

Everyone in the pods are already on it, keep in mind.


Just watched the original SoT trailer. The spawn suddenly looked small :3


Yep. I believe we started with 40 pods… I can’t believe we handeled it. We are barely surviving with 92 pods.

Thanks for reminding me. I meant to add the review to the op.


40!? 92!?
;-; Wow.


I can help build new pods if needed :blush:


Why is the server whitelisted?


TL;DR: Porky is renovating the server in preparation for 1.7.


Oh. Hope it goes well!


That is part of it. :wink:


Added two new quests. :wink: Fairly easy ones.


Nope, from now add them on Saturday, when I’m on. .



Hey I tried to email you back about being unbanned but it didn’t send for some reason. So ya idk what else to say just like unban me pleasssseeeeeee I didn’t do anything wrong


I still have a picture floating in my file folder of spawn when it only had 2 pods. It was unfinished at the time, but I told porky to rename the world to “Djfamily’s house” because spawn looked like a boom box. :joy:


Spawn… with only two pods… ;-;
These revelations startle me.


I have one with four pods…


Lemony and Phteven are old…


Is it whitelisted?


Yes. :slight_smile:

Would you like to be?