Cloud Server: Survival of Time





Done. :slight_smile:


Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s like phteven 7.0. He’s had a rough time making that space jump. :joy:


Well that would explain all those mysterious glass chambers with petrified blockheads…


Found it!


Spawn used to be so ugly. :stuck_out_tongue:



Sorry, the bot will be off for a few days. :frowning:


Can I join the whitelist? My IGN is Santeeisweird9. (No period)


Done. :slight_smile:


Can I be added to the whitelist too? My friend told me to join but I can’t find it in the search bar :confused: Kappa Monkey is my username


Porky, I have found myself with a question in regards to the message bot. When making a suggestion or bug report using /op, is it okay to send twice in case you require a second post to elaborate further, or does it count as spamming?

Also, sorry for the halt of progress on Testifica, I’ve been completely absorbed in finishing my tulip complex in Horse Power*.

*Though I’m slightly wondering if it might be a mistake to keep my tulips there, considering I’m not sure if CG will be able to fund it through 1.7.


Done. :slight_smile:

@Testif yep, it’s fine. I just mean don’t send random stuff like “Give me a maple seed!!!” like some people have done before.


pooorky, you will add the porky is a pig command. Whooooooo


I tried to search survival of time but this server didn’t come up…


Try this link. :slight_smile: The server is private.


Porky if you could add me to the whitelist that would be fantastic :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Done. :slight_smile:


Have y’all got rid of that hacker yet?


Thought I should tell everyone, I removed the whitelist. :slight_smile:


Time to kill :smiling_imp:

If I can get my phone that is