Cloud Server: Survival of Time



It says I’m banned…


Someone help I’m banned for no reason…While sleeping…


Please wait for @bilingual to respond.


You were not banned for no reason.


@ShaColdBlood, when Porky says someone is banned for a reason… they’re banned for a reason. Maybe PM him for more information.


It is quite an obvious reason. No explanation needed, in my opinion.


Oh alright. Some people just don’t see why they’re banned, even when it’s obvious, quite a common thing on Blockheads.


Made by @Whisk:

cough look out for a new quest cough


Made by a whisk***
cough look out for a mustache cough


I see it…



DOnt you dare talk about that horrible yt


Whitelisted while we await a rollback. :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks so much, @milla!! :smiley:


@Wingysam is working on a message bot extension that allows discord to see (almost) everything you say in chat. We are working things out currently, so in the mean time, don’t say anything you don’t want everyone else to see.

(I have requested that anything behind a / is not shown due to IPs and such. Server will not trigger it either, so it won’t send /Players or anything on Discord.)


You might want to get @majicDave’s permission for that. Personally, I’d say no.

The Message Bot

Slightly more information


I just pulled the extension.


Just so you know my reasons, I’ll clarify.

People know that only a certain group can read their chat when they play. That is, the Blockheads team, namely me, for the most part. The world owner. The players connected to the world at the time.

Anything else is a gross breach of privacy, and a risk factor for younger players.


I could see it being used as a workaround for servers that were set to private by milla.


Then they could chat on Discord anyway. All it does is allows chat from the server to be sent to discord and chat from discord to be sent to chat in the server. It’s like if I needed an admin, I could do “/discord I need an @admin to get me a pod plz!”