Cloud Server: Survival of Time



I’m curious, can you explain what exactly happens in a noob friendly way?

It looks like you’ve installed a connection so that if a /discord is sent, the bot sends a message to the discord server saying

someone: I need stuff


This is what it looks like currently

I believe wingy is changing it so you must type /discord for it to transfer over.


Sure. But what good does it do milla to lock down a server for, say, language when the entire chat is available on Discord? Especially if MajicJungle knew that the extension was accessing the chat. The way it is now, you would at least have to repeat yourself on the discord server, which removes all culpability from MajicJungle.


why all is bot?

also can look what happen in if game


It says bot because that’s how webhooks work on Discord.

From the owner portal:

It sends a blank message when I upload an image.


I go to Testifica, to farm for my city.

I see 100% harvested corn, each one complete

I try to ignore it, but then my OCD triggers in… :laughing:


Okay. Who did this?

First all the black sand and marble goes missing, now there’s a “lol” carved into the walls…


Or maybe it’s a head and two arms :thinking:


Why I use safes in public areas. now there’s only two people who can get in: hackers, and admins


cough Aliens cough


In a land 80 tc right of spawn, comes Testifica the city

Jk, I called it

The Agora!!!

Come join SoT to be the first to secure one of these fabulous homes before they all fill up, I mean they’re right next to a huge farm, heating, crafting area, and shops!

Our reviewers say

Add free tc and duping to server rules - Annonomous

Great town. The owner even gave me the materials to make a protection sign and iron door! - SomeRandomUser

The beautiful Agora currently

The amazing Testifica-Style farms, improved for ultimate ease of moving through

The center of Agora

The maxed out community crafting area

The large and comfty homes, just waiting for you to live in them!
And spaced out now so you don’t have to worry about your neighbor stealing from you


My mouth fell off of my face when I saw the pictures.


I couldn’t find the server when I searched it. How do I get to it?


It is private right now Dave made it 1.7 so only beta testers can get on till 1.7



No!!! My sweet Testifica...



burns Testifica to the ground :fire:

Recoils in horror

I legitimately can’t tell if you’re kidding or not… ;-;


Do it :smiling_imp:

There can only be the Agora!!!

(jk. I wonder if Porky has ever safe/chest snooped in people’s bases without someone reporting the base/ the player looking suspicious…)


(I do it all the time :smiling_imp: )


Oh no!! I hope he hasn’t checked derp’s dirt shop!!
(Actually, I doubt there’s anything but paint buckets in those chests…)