Cloud Server: Survival of Time



She is the owner of this server.

Aubi stands for “aubergine”


Oh. It doesn’t have all the discourse info, nor does it have any particular join date.etc.

Never seen that before.


For me it says she joined March 14th.


Thought it meant 2014. Got it now. XD


@4u3i may be owner now, but don’t fret, for I’m not leaving! Mark your calendars, March 26th is the first anniversary!

Please state here if you want your pod. We will be clearing them. Also, become active if you want your pod. We only have a set number of pods, so new players also need pods.


March 26th???

Only one year???

Time really does fly


Who is @4u3i?


The owner.


I know, but who is he/she in general?


She’s aubi her ign is same as her forums name she is an awesome friend she is admin on CoT and mod on eot


Party at 8:00 CST! 7 hours from now. :smiley:


I want me pod!


Let’s hope it will be flooded with people. :slight_smile:


If I were to fund it, would anyone play?

  • I would
  • Maybe
  • I wouldn’t

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I wonder if you still got $200 around or am I being crazy.


I would and I already know Rosie and bekah and husky would and probably Cg




porky are u the server owner becuase the thread is made my someone else


Technically rn aubi is the owner unless porky had the ownership switched back


so when porky will be owner will she make a new thread for this sevrer