Cloud Server: Survival of Time



Aubi is the owner.


I was the owner until I asked milla to switch ownership to Aubi. She is still the owner, but I don’t have to be owner to add credit, do I? (Rhetorical question, I know that I can add credit.)


It’s open!!

Okayyy so I’m thinking of opening an SoT 2.0… but don’t quote me on that. I would make adjustments to make it better.

  • Expert
  • Not expert porky that’s too hard!

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Taking tips for spawn… what should it look like?


Well some kind of above ground pods idk


I don’t really know about looks, but could we please have fast transportation to pods? lol


Hmmmm maybe the SoT gods will be merciful this time and grant some elevators…


I spend half, if not all of my hunger bar climbing up the stairs.


I’m ok with survival or expert, but expert will make more ppl rage quit


Proposed pod design.

  • Looks great!
  • It could be better
  • There are a few things that I would change (and I will reply with what I would change)
  • Scrap the whole design

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Also, I made it expert mode.


Looks great! maybe I could help with a pod design of my self :slight_smile:

For some reason I intentionally voted expert was too hard.


This server is alotta fun! The concept is totally brilliant!:joy::joy:

One suggestions, I do feel there should be elevators as I agree with @Santeeisweird9_real . It is a unfair disadvantage for those of us who have higher up pods.


Here it is so far. There will be clusters of four pods two pods high connected by one tube with neither ladders nor elevators… :smiling_imp: sorry but the thing that would take the most time is walking and I can’t speed that up.


The ladders was the bane of my existence on that server.


oh no, what happens to all the old builds and stuff
is testifica still there?


That’s on sot 2.0


Why not make a new thread for 2.0?


Yeah. Kinda sad I’ll never get to complete it. :frowning:

Though I’d kind of given up at this point because crafting alone has become practically impossible for me in 1.7.


Why flood a potential world thread (that has only a chance of actually being opened) with polls asking opinions when I can just use the thread for the dead world?


The new pod design looks really cool.

Also: You just made SoT’s 400th post! :slight_smile: