Cloud Server: Survival of Time



Welcome to Survival of Time!

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Do not duplicate items!

Do not grief!

Do not hack or use pirated time crystals! (See What is ROP? below for more information.)

Do not cuss or use inappropriate language!

Do not spam chat!

Do not advertise other servers!

Do not break spawn!

Do not share while in spawn!

Do not pvp while in spawn (unless in the arena, supervised by an admin)!

Do not teleport back to spawn after being let out!

Do not ask for someone to be unbanned!

Do not date or role play!

Do not place a portal while in spawn!

Do not ask to be mod or admin! (See How to Get Staff Position below.)

You will be assigned a pod to live in, and an admin will give you a workbench, compost, and a single maple seed.

What is this server?

This is a survival server. The apocalypse has frozen the planet, so you must find a way to survive and escape!

What is ROP?

ROP stands for Revenge of the Players. We are a group of players that share a blacklist with each other. If you hack on this server, you may be banned from the other ROP servers also. Click here for more information.

You will need to meditate... a LOT.

You will need items from meditating to escape spawn.

I recommend exploring spawn when you have enough food.

Winning a pvp fight in the arena will give you a single fur.

How to Get Staff Position:

> Be on the Blockheads Forums
> Send PorkyTheChop a personal message asking for a staff position

My YouTube Channel

You may contact me by:

> private messaging PorkyTheChop on the Blockheads Forums
> emailing [Redacted by Porky]

Survival of Time Discord Server:

Server Review:

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Suggest any Good servers
Ultimate 1.7 Cloud & Mac Server List (Staying/Closing/Upcoming): Continually Updated
Any nice servers

Such a challenge,
But that’s what keeps players on your server exited or motivated to do things. :wink:


Wow! This sounds interesting. Nice to see such a nicely built OP too. Good job, @bilingual :slight_smile:


The server is now open! Go to the op to find the discord and join links! :smiley:


Sounds like fun! Cool survival servers opening left and right, I guess I better test my skills :grin:


A new challenge huh? Sounds very awesome and fun. Granted, My skills are not what you call good.


Cough sounds an awful lot like dz-17 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, @222oreo333 it is not exactly like DZ; I did leave some ideas to you and your clique :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Beta user here got banned xd


@Drayvengod09 pm me why I should unban you.


Could anyone come and let me go out.

Once again could i go out, yes i will cut down that drop bear tree


Evil hackers evil evil evil

3 servers in a short time frame they are stupid and evil


Gah hackers! I will be on the server when it’s back!


I didn’t even get to check it out :confused:


I think we can open the server again soon :slight_smile:


It is now public!


I wann visit but i cant :cry: I’m on data restriction :cry: :hourglass_flowing_sand: it will end around the 15th :hourglass_flowing_sand:


Omg. It’s nuts on server. New ppl all over the place. Almost out of pods!!! :slight_smile:


Am joining


We are almost out of pods! :scream::grin: