Cloud Server: the Maze Runner



WELCOME to the INSPIRATIONal world of amazing buildings…

But first, you have to escape the maze. :smiling_imp:
At night the gate closes and the Grievers come out… :smiling_imp:

Basic Rules of The Glade
(where people prepare by crafting their items and scavenging food):

  1. Everyone does their part. No slackers.
  2. Never hurt another Glader. You have to trust each other.
  3. Never go outside the Glade, unless you are a runner.

This is NOT Club Med; this is the MAZE RUNNER. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:
This server is not for everyone, if you can’t follow the rules and you can’t do things for yourself, this server is not for you. To make sure that everyone EARNS their own escape and that the integrity of the server is maintained, all rules must be followed. This server is monitored constantly. Admins/Mods don’t need to be on to review players actions during the day. Players who break the rules may be banned without notice. Just don’t do it.

SERVER RULES: (keep checking back to stay up-to-date on the latest)

  1. NO SPOILERS. Do not reveal anything about the maze or any areas on this server (ex. what you see, where you are, what killed you :smiling_imp:, what you wish you had, etc.). Spoiling the server is a BAN. Additionally, do NOT keep asking players and staff about the maze. No one is allowed to tell you so there’s no use asking.

  2. Do NOT GUIDE OTHER PLAYERS through the maze. Guiding another player is a BAN.

  3. NO TEAMING allowed.

  4. Do NOT ASK TO BE ADMIN OR MOD. You can not be admin, because admins can see the entire maze. Only after gaining full trust of the owners and showing a consistent knowledge and respect for the rules, including helping others understand them, will a player be considered for promotion as a mod. Asking for this continually won’t help. There are no guarantees or timeline. As soon as you ask, you’ll be kicked as a reminder.

  5. NO HACKERS/SCRIPT KIDDIES allowed. Saying you’re a hacker, associating with hackers, or having it in your name is an INSTANT BAN. This is a Revenge of Players (ROP) Server and NO HACKING will be tolerated. Should you demonstrate any of the ROP bannable offenses here (including hacking in any way) you WILL be reported and potentially banned from ALL ROP servers. Depending on the offense and severity, you may also be reported to Milla and potentially cloud banned. So, moral of the story: don’t do it.

  6. Do NOT ASK FOR ANYTHING. In the Glade you have to craft your own items. You can ONLY craft items in the communal workbenches provided; NO PERSONAL BENCHES allowed. There are NO STARTER PACKS. NO ONE GETS LAND or a home in the glade. You are trying to escape, not set up for long term living.

  7. NO MEDITATING allowed anywhere on this server. Exception: If you convince all other players on the server to meditate to advance time, you are only allowed to meditate until day. (If any player can’t or doesn’t want to do it, you are not allowed to harass/nag them to do it). If you meditate a ruby, diamond, or egg, they must be given to an admin or mod immediately or at your first opportunity. Only Admins can meditate. Consistent breaking of this rule will get you banned.

  8. ONLY 1 BLOCKHEAD ALLOWED until you’ve escape the maze and have gotten to a certain point (explained below). All characters must be awake or sleeping. No meditating. Consistent breaking of this rule will get you banned.

  9. NO PAUSING allowed on this server at any time. NO TELEPORTING out of the maze (except in specified areas).

  10. NO GOING THROUGH THE MAZE WHILE “AWAY”. This is considered cheating and you may be banned for trying to cheat the maze. NO CRAFTING WHILE “AWAY”. This ties up the workbenches and does not allow other players to craft items. If you leave, STOP ALL ACTIONS and leave. Do not leave while moving or crafting. Consistent breaking of this rule will get you banned.

  11. NO KILLING SCORPIONS, SHARKS, TROLLS, or things that go bump on the night. :smiling_imp:

  12. NO DUPING allowed on this server.

  13. NO ADVERTISING FOR OTHER WORLDS. Respect the server and do not try to take players elsewhere. Instant BAN. Exceptions for buddy servers with embassies here.

  14. NO RETURNING TO THE MAZE once you escape. NO COACHING others or generally giving new players items.

  15. NO SWEARING, no racist or objectionable language, no preaching religion or politics, no sexual conversation, no suicide discussions are allowed. If it isn’t appropriate to be discussed in front of children, it isn’t allowed on this server. Everyone is allowed their own opinion to keep to themselves or to discuss with their friends somewhere else. Breaking any of these rules will get you banned.

  16. NO CRAZY NAMES like: 193883 or ssjjxbcb or ones with emoji fonts or obscure characters. No invisible names, hard to read names, racist names, names of bad people, .com or .net names (or similar), or inappropriate/questionable/offensive names. You must change your name or you will be banned. No impersonating staff members. This is an instant ban.

  17. CUSTOM AVATAR/PROFILE PIC REQUIRED. No default bhs pics please. NO INAPPROPRIATE PLAYER PICS allowed. Breaking this rule will get you banned.

  18. RESPECT and ADHERE to the requests of THE ADMINS AND MODS.

  19. ITEMS NOT ALLOWED in the glade or maze: pole items, portal chests, personal trade portals or spawn portals, jetpacks & items to make jetpacks, armor above what you can make in the communal workbench, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, gold pick axes, gold shovels, trade portals or ruby/diamond portals, eggs and tin foil hats. All these items will be confiscated and just having them could potentially get you banned.

  20. NEW*: absolutely NO APPLES, APPLE TREES, EGGS or DODOs allowed. Breaking this rule will result in a ban.

  21. NEW*: absolutely NO PETS allowed. Some exceptions will be allowed for staff by permission. Having a pet or trying to make a pet will be an immediate ban.

  22. NEW*: NO MULTIPLE IGNS (accounts). Some exceptions may be granted. If you are found with unapproved multiple igns, certain igns may be banned. Continual abuse of this rule may lead to an IP ban.

IN THE SCORCH all above rules above apply PLUS the following: (remember, no spoilers here either)

  1. Personal portals allowed in the scorch, but it must be level 4 or lower and you have to close it off with iron doors or blocks.
  2. No Jetpacks (rare exceptions per the admins). No Unicorns.
  3. Requesting Land allowed only when you reach a specific point in the scorch. You’ll know when you get there. Land is scarce; you must play on the server long enough and accomplish enough in that area to earn property. Any player not returning to the server frequently enough will have their land confiscated to be given to other worthy players.
  4. Second blockhead allowed AFTER you get land or prove that you have reached the area that allows you to ask.
  5. Maximum Allowable Workbench Levels in the Scorch:
    -* Workbench 3 (4 not allowed)
    -* Toolbench 5 (6 not allowed)
    -* Craftbench 3 (4 not allowed)
    -* Woodwork
    -* Tailor’s Bench 2
    -* Kiln
    -* Furnace 3
    -* Press 2 (3 not allowed)
    -* Compost
    -* Easel 3
    -* Builders 2
    -* Armor 2 (3 not allowed)
    -* Metalwork 1 (2 not allowed)
    -* Pizza Oven
    -* Train Yard
    -* Mixing Bench 3
    -* Dye Bench 3
  6. Benches not allowed:
    -* Electric Stove, Electric Kiln, Electric Furnace, Electric Press, Electric Metalwork, Electric Sluice, Egg Extractor, Refinery


  • NEVER upgrade the spawn portal!! Only the owners can upgrade the public portals.
  • Do NOT give out anything. Especially NO trade portals, portals, diamonds, rubies and portal chests! Do NOT let ANYONE borrow these items at any time.
  • Do NOT leave your items out in the open. Take your stuff with you when you go offline.
  • Do NOT admin or mod anyone. Only the owners can select staff on this server.
  • Do NOT let anyone out of any area unless they have successfully and honestly completed the area. Does not matter if they are mod. NO exceptions.

Thank you for reading the rules!
It wasn’t THAT bad was it?.. probably was. Consider it conditioning for the pain of the actual server.
Rules are strict. There are no second chances.
The challenge is hard. There is no sympathy…


World founded: Tuesday, March 24th 2015
Owner: Thuthu
Co-Owner: Wicked Griever

While playing on any server, please be courteous to other players, listen to mods and admins, and behave yourself. You may be muted or banned for any reason, and the in-game chat may be monitored. Blockheads Forums

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Oh wow, a real maze in blockheads
Assorted Servers

One of the best Maze server to be found on the Blockheads-verse!! Totally amazing to find your way out.

It’s a MUST for anyone dare to venture out of the Glade


It’s also one of the best challenge_ servers out there. I’m sorry I can’t divulge what it is. If you think you’re a master of _challenges__, well you ain’t seen nothing yet.


This sounds really intriguing! Next on my list of “must visit” worlds :open_mouth:


Gee, that’s not at all provocative. Nuh-uh!


Ok, let’s call them challenges. :smiley:


I wish I saw what it was before…

I believe I can consider myself a master of challenge servers then :wink:

This is an amazing server - very few have completed everything it has available, and there is more planned to be released sometime in the future.


Any admins or mods free? Need you on please.


What happened? It says the server is whitelisted


Hacker attack. Staff whitelisted the server to carry out repairs


Aww why I was gonna go on


Already?? It just opened like 3 days ago! Are they like monitoring servers or something??


It’s been super busy since it re-opened. Big thanks to Cactus Jack for summoning me to the glade to ban him.


Great server with great staff, you can see they’ve put a lot of work into it and it payed out really well.


This is one of my absolute favorite servers. If you like gifts that keep on giving, then this gift is for you.

Incredible artistry, amazing visuals, clever design, incredible details, and wicked beyond belief. When you think you have seen it all…well, have no fear for there is always, always more to see and enjoy.

Wicked and Thu are two of the most talented players and designers in all of BH. Any world they create is not to be missed.

My advice to players eager to join or just wanting to check it out? Read the rules. ALL the rules. Take the time to do that, please. Fighting that or faking it won’t lead to an easier time like you think it will, but most likely it will lead to a ban. Once you have read them… follow them. This server has an incredible one-of-a-kind experience to offer players, but only if all the rules are followed by everyone logged on. The potential to ruin it for other players also must be controlled. Have respect for how hard it is to pull that off, and have respect for why they are enforced so strictly. When you do, I promise you one of the best times of your BH life is to be had. And nothing feels better than to overcome whatever is thrown at you on your own steam and join the ranks of the others who have too!

Wicked is Good!


I think this may be my second favorite server I had a favorite that wasn’t on the forums before I joined then I played garden of time more so it was my second favorite but now I really like this server


:joy: havetoputmorecharacters


What do you mean there @INeedPieUndercover?


It says have to put more characters.


I don’t understand either.