Cloud Server: the Maze Runner


i have awaited this day for many months…
sheds tear
Unfortunately for me Sunday I have extra school (boo) :frowning: Oh well I can still hop on.

For those in EST that’s 1pm-1am. In Australia it’s 3am to 3pm :stuck_out_tongue:


Simmer down there, Champ. Eat a Snickers. I was merely relating a memory. Aparantly I was using another name. But yes the spilling of inconsequential beans was only part of my banning. The other half is that I said you have issues when you proceed to have a cow. Thank you for reminding me. At this point you could not pay me to return. btw I was living in Alaska at the time.

Again thank you for jogging my memory. What a mistake I just avoided.


I’ll probably be too busy to come tomorrow even if I had my ign


@FreewayKiller Your memory, Champ, isn’t as sharp as you think. I just read over logs and that was not the only offense you perpetrated. But you can believe what you want. It’s really of no consequence to me. It seems we are both in agreement that your presence on my server is not a good idea in any case, but I do wish you a good time in other environments. (and “avoidance” would suggest that your absence was a choice rather than a banning)

@agentpinkdog That’s too bad. But there will be plenty of opportunity later on. Looking forward to seeing you there when you are available.:slightly_smiling_face:


I’m going to join when it opens! I heard about this server having the… best… rules.


LOL @Donutask :joy:
Yes the rules are AMAZING!!


I guess this belongs to another extreme news for newcomer good luck!!!


Excited to be back in MR for this twelve hour event!


Just remembered today was the opening even though I posted here yesterday :laughing: I’m coming on as soon as I can! My Blockhead is eager to be, uh–

muffled screams


Sigh I swore to myself that I’d take a break from Blockheads, but I really can’t miss this…


Breaks (like sleep) are for suckers. :wink:


Alright, I’m coming in to have some fun (or to die)


Probably equal parts of both.


Have been on for over four hours now, everythings going great. Even wick has been doing some grieving :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


Speaking of which, it is time to ask @Thuthu, when will Maze Runner officially release?


Thank you to all the fantastic players who joined the Maze Runner today.
Really successful beta test of the server with the new updates and modifications.

It was so great seeing old friends,
returning regulars and
a whole bunch of new victims… I mean, New Runners.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon…
Re-Opening Party is just on the horizon!

Stay tuned. :smiling_imp:


@Thuthu and @INeedPie, overusers of the :smiling_imp: face. XD


It’s meant to be the emblem/logo of the server.


When will the server open?


She hasn’t announced, but I heard June 24 is possible when she said it on MR.