Cloud Server: the Maze Runner


When a new mini gmae is coming ?

Pm @thuthu


@BUILDITME1 I believe it was a joke because the server was closing.


Thuthu is going to be opening it public on a limited basis. I’m guessing you hit it right as she was switching it over to whitelist. Stay tuned for the next day it will be open. I do believe Thu said it would be a few days a week as her schedule allows.


Can you please refrain from posting more than once in a row? I’ve merged your double post.


If only I could’ve escaped the mzae in time.


The server has been open for days with a steady stream of people coming on with no issues. (Right after the opening party, it was whitelisted overnight for a couple of days. )

Don’t know what you are talking about @Donutask, but you can always PM me instead of posting publicly. Happy to hear that you are following the rules as everyone who plays on the server is expected to do.

I have not closed the server as many can attest to. I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

@BUILDITME1, The Maze Runner is not really a mini-game server. It is a challenge server. I created some mini-games to celebrate the re-opening of Maze Runner after the 1.7 update. I do not plan on creating more mini-games on this server since the players have enough to focus on (specifically, trying to escape and survive the challenge).

I do have a pretty extensive mini-game server called Birthday Bonanza. It is, however, open exclusively for events and special occasions with limited people (very monitored). It’s a pet project of mine and a true labor of love. A completely different experience from MR… you are actually supposed to just have fun…


Hilarious. Are you telling me you have logs from two years ago? You don’t gotta lie to kick it, homie. My logs go back to May of this year and my server isn’t even that active. lol


Please, Freeway. Even if you were unjustly banned (which I highly doubt) you have no right to speak so rudely to Thu. She has the logs and I’m sure she has the reasoning for it. This is best discussed in a PM. Remember, it’s her server and she can ban you for the heck of it so try to be polite. Do you really think your attitude will get you unbanned?

And for the record, logs date to the creation of the server. I have logs all the way from my first multiplayer server from 3 years ago. I’m sure you were rightfully banned whether you remember it or not.


You are putting way to much thought into this. I was going over notifications just now and noticed this conversation. I could not care less about being banned. In fact I find it humorous. I just think it’s hilarious she claims to have logs from nearly two years ago. A blatant lie. Unless you are copy pasting them from the owner portal or have special priveledges to access them then they are lost.


I have logs of my server which started in 2016 and has been out of credit for a long, long time. It was alive about half a year. If you look at the beginning date it says 2016. I have logs all the way from its creation.

image removed because of ips


Hilarious and a tad depraved. Y’all must have special access. Thanks for the laughs either way. I would get a good chuckle out of viewing the logs of my misseeds.


Are you sure we’re using the same website?
Start up the server, and click view log. On mobile it’ll spring into a new tab and on PC it’ll download a .txt file. It goes all the way to creation date, Freeway. Check again you might be surprised.


Oh God I can’t breath from laughing so hard.


I think everyone here sees who is abnormally obsessed with my server. Typically, it’s players who are allowed on that get obsessed (which I welcome)… but I suppose that players who are banned can keep trying unsuccessfully to be relevant. It’s their choice. I’d ignore their efforts, @Celadon. Don’t let it concern you.

I have logs from years ago. People who do not know what they are talking about should stay quiet instead of chiming in and proving their ignorance to everyone.


Your snark amuses me. Especially since it was so hastily typed out this time. I hope you have some decent maze builders by now. A big open space with random walls isn’t a maze.


I hope everyday to get as good at building as you are. Sadly, I know it’s only a dream. I’m sorry that my four walls weren’t enough of a challenge for you. I forget. How many times did you die in it? Like a dozen or so? A little more maybe? I will certainly take your advice to heart and work on making it more of a challenge for experts like yourself. I sincerely hate to disappoint and will try harder in the future. Thanks for all your constructive criticism.


Like I say there is no maze. It’s a big open space with random walls. Most of them have gaping holes. Try drawing with graph paper and then build. It might help.


You are absolutely right. Guys, there is NO MAZE on Maze Runner.

I’d normally be upset about spoiling… but you caught me. Maze Runner is just a free pixel build server.

When you log on, you immediately become admin and I give you a “free everything trade portal” and a starter to run around as you please.

Have you been to Club Med? It’s just like that. Enjoy a restful vacation and leave your worries behind.

Hope to see you all in my little paradise. :smiling_imp:


Many owners download logs at regular intervals.