Cloud Server: the Maze Runner


Your snark amuses me. Especially since it was so hastily typed out this time. I hope you have some decent maze builders by now. A big open space with random walls isn’t a maze.


I hope everyday to get as good at building as you are. Sadly, I know it’s only a dream. I’m sorry that my four walls weren’t enough of a challenge for you. I forget. How many times did you die in it? Like a dozen or so? A little more maybe? I will certainly take your advice to heart and work on making it more of a challenge for experts like yourself. I sincerely hate to disappoint and will try harder in the future. Thanks for all your constructive criticism.


Like I say there is no maze. It’s a big open space with random walls. Most of them have gaping holes. Try drawing with graph paper and then build. It might help.


You are absolutely right. Guys, there is NO MAZE on Maze Runner.

I’d normally be upset about spoiling… but you caught me. Maze Runner is just a free pixel build server.

When you log on, you immediately become admin and I give you a “free everything trade portal” and a starter to run around as you please.

Have you been to Club Med? It’s just like that. Enjoy a restful vacation and leave your worries behind.

Hope to see you all in my little paradise. :smiling_imp:


Many owners download logs at regular intervals.




I’m confused which part of the server you’ve seen if you think there’s no maze. Maybe you never got out of the Glade. I’ve done every maze server I have heard about and escaped them all. Maze Runner remains one of the most difficult.


It is more difficult because the maze is unpredictable!


All of the holes in the walls allow light to enter and refract to create the appearance of a maze. In reality, there is no maze.




This server is the definition of hell…

Expect to see me on a lot xD

A couple of things, how do we get wood/sticks in the glade if it’s protected.

Also how do we get kelp ;-;


Figure it out :slight_smile:


But, there’s no way. There is no kelp unprotected and I can’t find any unprotected trees ;-;



Can’t tell u just explore and you’ll find out eventually explore everywhere


@DeadlyPotato, there is no spoiling and this is not the place to find hints or help… (well, actually… there is no place to find hints or help).:smiling_imp:

Everyone please refrain from giving out any help or discussing specifics about this server here.


Can I at least know where the entrance to the maze is? The glade is really large


Is telling people about anything in PM or real life refrained?


Probably. Or at least I assume so.


Yes. Spoiling for this server anywhere shouldn’t happen. Everyone should experience the challenge for themselves.

Helping other people does a disservice to those who have successfully played on the server and can brag honestly about doing so. It also cheats players from the satisfaction of knowing that they did it all themselves. When people get hints or cheat… it just shows that they don’t have what it takes to complete a difficult challenge. It proves that the people giving the hints don’t think you are smart enough to figure things out for yourself.

If no one spoils, everyone plays on an even playing field. Doesn’t matter if you are young, older, new, or experienced… are you good enough to do it yourself? Do you have what it takes?

There are plenty of servers out there that pose no challenge or minimal effort, if people don’t want to try to do this themselves or if people can’t help but spoil, they should not come on and they should not ruin it for others.


@Thuthu People are being inappropriate on your server at the moment.