Cloud Server: the Maze Runner


I’m confused which part of the server you’ve seen if you think there’s no maze. Maybe you never got out of the Glade. I’ve done every maze server I have heard about and escaped them all. Maze Runner remains one of the most difficult.


It is more difficult because the maze is unpredictable!


All of the holes in the walls allow light to enter and refract to create the appearance of a maze. In reality, there is no maze.




This server is the definition of hell…

Expect to see me on a lot xD

A couple of things, how do we get wood/sticks in the glade if it’s protected.

Also how do we get kelp ;-;


Figure it out :slight_smile:


But, there’s no way. There is no kelp unprotected and I can’t find any unprotected trees ;-;



Can’t tell u just explore and you’ll find out eventually explore everywhere


@DeadlyPotato, there is no spoiling and this is not the place to find hints or help… (well, actually… there is no place to find hints or help).:smiling_imp:

Everyone please refrain from giving out any help or discussing specifics about this server here.


Can I at least know where the entrance to the maze is? The glade is really large


Probably. Or at least I assume so.


Yes. Spoiling for this server anywhere shouldn’t happen. Everyone should experience the challenge for themselves.

Helping other people does a disservice to those who have successfully played on the server and can brag honestly about doing so. It also cheats players from the satisfaction of knowing that they did it all themselves. When people get hints or cheat… it just shows that they don’t have what it takes to complete a difficult challenge. It proves that the people giving the hints don’t think you are smart enough to figure things out for yourself.

If no one spoils, everyone plays on an even playing field. Doesn’t matter if you are young, older, new, or experienced… are you good enough to do it yourself? Do you have what it takes?

There are plenty of servers out there that pose no challenge or minimal effort, if people don’t want to try to do this themselves or if people can’t help but spoil, they should not come on and they should not ruin it for others.


@Thuthu People are being inappropriate on your server at the moment.


Please just PM me with these things. I’ve taken care of it. Thanks.


Um @Thuthu I have broken the rules.
I paused to read the welcome message so I could read the rules. Sorry…


Crap, does that count if there’s no one online? I didn’t think you could get in trouble for reading rules. If it does I’m sorry :cold_sweat:


LOL You get in trouble for NOT reading the rules.
Pausing to read the rules is the one time it’s allowed… UNLESS you suddenly have an urge to “read the rules” when it would unfairly benefit you to pause.

I guess, NEW RULE, You can only pause to read the rules if you are not in any way being harmed or in a place where you will potentially be harmed. You are not allowed to use it as an excuse to skirt some type of punishment. (Well, that sounded ominous. haha :joy:)

@DeadlyPotato, you can’t get in trouble for reading the rules really. But there will always be the odd player who pushes a loophole just to get an unfair advantage. I’m sure you and @Donutask would not do that sort of thing.


The perpetrator, Anime4Lyfe999, broke into a cold sweat as the judge pointed her small hammer towards him.

“It has come to my attention that you have broken rule number NINE in a just battle to the death with a griever,” she said.

Anime4Lyfe started to quiver, and glanced at his lawyer, the infamous TCPirate2018, and gripped the sides of his podium.

“For this violation, I send you to be eaten by THE GRIEVER!” Thu commanded.
“No, your honor! I was just reading the rules,” Anime4Lyfe pleaded.

TCPirate2018 nodded in approval. Anime4Lyfe nervously grinned that he’d narrowly escaped punishment by death, until–!

“Aha,” said Judge Thu, not wavering the slightest. She held out her blocky hand to her right, and was handed a scroll of Forum Pixels. “But you see, Anime4Lyfe999, there is a NEW rule, under post number 264 (making it the twenty-third rule), that CLEARLY states: ‘You can only pause to read the rules if you are not in any way being harmed or in a place where you will potentially be harmed.’”

The jury, RoP and the like, agreed with the final verdict.

Triumphantly, the grand Judge Thu slammed her gavel against the block, declaring Anime4Lyfe’s death; the funeral was not to be held and the grievers would immediately tear up the blocky shreds of time crystals later.

The Greens hauled Anime4Lyfe’s breathing Blockhead to the Blues, and censored censored censored censored censored.

Judge Thu turned away from the court, walked into her office, and sat down.

She smiled.

Wicked is good.


But what if he didn’t read the new rules yet?


radio fades into sound
“Thu, we’ve got a problem.”