Cloud Server: the Maze Runner


OMG, Titan. That may be my favorite post ever on forums.
That deserves a 5 griever rating. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Judge Thu sits back in her wooden chair, carved with the blocky, screaming heads of those doomed by her unsympathetic verdicts. She gazes out of her cathedral window at the thousands of scorpions below… hissing and pacing under the light of the full moon… waiting for the next criminal to enter the courthouse.

Yes indeed. Today was a good day.


Good Grief, what are your morals for being a judge who dooms their victims?


Only the guilty pay.
mwahahahahahahahaha :smiling_imp:


That’s fine, Sunny. Have fun playing on other servers. You are always welcome to come back.


@Ziameter You need to read more Kafka :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

That was awesome Titan. Like something straight out of a Spanish Inquisition law handbook. If I ever commit an offense against the rules, I hope I do not get the COMFY CHAIR!!


Titan, I think you should write a book. That was amazing!

Sorry, can’t help myself. Contrary to popular belief, the Spanish Inquisition was a huge step forward for the justice system.

…when most people think of the Inquisition today what they are really thinking of is the Spanish Inquisition. No, not even that is correct. They are thinking of the myth of the Spanish Inquisition. Amazingly, before 1530 the Spanish Inquisition was widely hailed as the best run, most humane court in Europe. There are actually records of convicts in Spain purposely blaspheming so that they could be transferred to the prisons of the Spanish Inquisition. National Review, Thomas Madden, 2004


The server is out of credit. Does anyone still play on this server?


I’ll put credit in the server… was just holding off until someone mentioned it.


This seems like a awsome server to explore but from what ive seen theres kinda a lack of “afk” activities (at least at first) sooooo not really the kind of thing i would be on mutch unless theres a handfull of other people on at the time… Still this server seems really good !:slight_smile:


I’m not sure what you mean, but the early stages require that you be pretty active, and you’re not allowed to meditate to pass the time or get items.


This is a challenge server. It follows a linear path and is for advanced independent players. It has a very specific goal… to escape (using your own skill/ingenuity — no team play).

I don’t know what you mean by afk activities. But the server is definitely not Club Med and has never promoted itself as anything but what it is.

If you want a free build server, a server where you can team up, or a server where you can just mine and explore, then there are plenty of great servers out there, but this one is not for you.


I am a representative of Club Med and fight for meditation rights!

[DISCLAIMER: 100% joke]


Well, I finally got around to reading the Maze Runner book, and I wish that the Maze in TBH could work the same way. But sadly not… Oh well, it’s evil enough as it is :smiling_imp:


You mean like shifting walls and with horrific grievers? Yeah, we work with the tools that we’re given. I think it certainly lives up to the name. :slight_smile:


Yes. I suppose it could work in Minecraft but… let’s face it, Blockheads is much more friendly, fun and just generally better :slight_smile:


@Donutask LOL. Just saw your post. OMG “meditation rights” “Club Med Rep” Hysterical. :joy: Favorite post ever.

So good, in fact, that I almost want to give YOU a special accommodation… ALMOST. :smiling_imp: