Cloud Server: the Maze Runner


@Thuthu you have to have at least 5 letters and they needed more


Just including a couple of smilies adds enough characters. We’re just asking for five you know!


OH! having just the :joy: wasn’t enough to post. Ok, Now I get it. I think


I think you do get it :joy: isn’t enough to post a post




Yes but I had used the actual emoji keyboard on my iPhone :slight_smile:

I :heart: Forum!


On this thread you can always add characters by inserting
"Wicked is good"

But that won’t help you anywhere else.


Am I the only one too scared to join?


Be afraid. Very afraid :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:. Just remember, Wicked is good haha.


Take the leap, Blocky1. We don’t bite.
… at least at first.:smiling_imp:


Cant wait to join! Sounds fun!


Fun…yeah, so fun…
Also maybe buying 50 pounds of salt. That’s a reasonable amount .


cant tell yall how fun it is (would be spoiling) i can just say its fun


Is that to rub in people’s wounds? I need to consider picking up some on my way home. :smiling_imp:


1 pound is for wounds. The rest is for how salty you will get…


Just make sure you watch your language. That sort of salty is not allowed.


Maze Runner is on stand by. Requesting rollback.

I’m hopeful that It will be up again soon, and I’ll notify everyone here when it is. (Perfect example of a few bad players ruining things for everyone else.)

Thanks for your patience guys. It’s been a blast watching all you guys on the server, following rules, having stellar attitudes and succeeding in one way or another. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you guys.

See you guys soon.


Unmmm handcarts & DJ don’t go well together, but thx for the confidence :slight_smile: Hopefully things will return to normal, much as they can be, for you!!


I have what to take to be a Maze Runner!
Also @Thuthu you have amazing courage to people have fun and being challenged!!


Thanks, Scarlet. Definitely check out the server once it opens back up again. :slight_smile:
We’d love to have you. :smiling_imp: