Cloud Server: the Maze Runner


Dj, I think you’re doing great actually. What you are doing is NOT easy or even just kinda hard. Experts find it a challenge and its a real accomplishment to succeed on it. You’ll get it.


Also just to let you know… you Server have password so I can’t join neither any players. I don’t know if it is under construction or something else.


A hacker did something to spawn and thuthu requested a rb


:frowning:Oh no! I hope they fix it!


Yes, as I mentioned earlier, the server is locked for rollback. I will tell you all here when it’s up again. Thanks.


Ah… hacks like that have happened to me many times. They make me SO mad :rage:


If only there were some other server where they could practice for some of the challenging parts…


Big thanks to Milla!

The MAZE RUNNER is back in business.

Come back… if you dare! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Coming on right now!!!


my phone died but its charging coming back asap thx @milla


Haha i wonder which server that is :slight_smile:


Hint: Only the most adept can get into the embassy on Maze Runner.



Yay! I am excited


Kind of scared to join haha


don’t be scared. It’s all in good fun. Don’t be afraid to die. It’s not that hard to regenerate and start over a bit. I’ve done it many many times, on many many maze servers.


I played for two hours made it all the way through and then died … I could cry …


It happens. Keep calm and carry on



This has thu written all over it…


I think that’s missing just one thing… the crown doesn’t fit.