Cloud Server: the Maze Runner


Hey guys I am In the server Maze runner and there is no glades there… I am the only glades!!! Please come and join and help out!


How do i join the server??


Just search up maze runner or in a sec ill give u the link is the link


Welcome to the forums @DrakeTDL!!




Just a notification: The Maze Runner is waiting for rollback. It shouldn’t affect much in terms of players’ progress. Will notify here when the server is up and running again. Sorry to all our loyal players for the inconvenience.

Let’s all take a moment to thank the inconsiderate, worthless hackers who had nothing better to do with their pathetic, inconsequential lives than to inconvenience others by leaving destruction that will be easily remedied by the good work of Milla. I hope your wasted effort was satisfying and that you enjoy your time doing stuff that has absolutely zero lasting impact. Good for you. Time well managed. Personally, I like to spend MY time enjoying the game.


Stupid hackers stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid hackers


The Maze Runner is back up.
Thank you, Milla!


Yay yay yay yay yay


Happy New Years, guys!!

As I mentioned before, I am m planning on opening MR once 1.7 Update is released.
In the meantime though, since I have been working on some things there and have been itching to check some stuff out, I am going to open up MR now (surprise) for a very limited run (only while I’m on only).

So, if any of you diehard fans are out there and want to jump on for nostalgia’s sake… or if anyone new is up for a challenge (all rules still apply)… or if any of the old guard feel like taking another stab at conquering whatever area you are on… I invite you to come on today to check it out.

Gonna dust off the cobwebs, kick on the message bot and check it out.
If anyone wants to join me, would love to see you there
… my pets have missed you.:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


I’d like to join!


This looks fun, but I know I’d just get too frustrated to do it from what I’ve read so far.


Yay!!! Yay!!! Yay!!!


Heck yahh this looks great!!! just started gathering supplies in the Glade. I cant wait to start the maze!


Same, I’m enjoying myself so far.

It’s great to finally be able to play here again!


I kinda wanna make a new account to start over in the maze… but the Scorch still needs my attention… :smirk:


Then join us!


You should definitely try it. It is fun… and good for bragging rights.


After my 8th attempt to join the server I had half my worries cut out. The glades are full of mystery, but then again, I haven’t shed blood yet. Maybe it’s because my IGN isn’t bad

Image result for dropping hints meme


Happy New Year Thu!

Thank you for having us!! A Full server with fast-pace chats and autocarrots was hilarious along with a pinch of ban-hammer swinging makes for a great reunion partay of old friends and meeting new players to the server.