Cloud Server: the Maze Runner


@SomeRandomUser, you never entered the maze (I don’t think). You should. It’s fun to try it. Thanks for coming by.

And thanks @asyc for coming by too. Yes it was lots of fun hitting a full 16 after opening up for just a couple of hours. It was great seeing so many old friends and meeting new ones. I’d tag you all, but I know I’d mess up and forget someone.

I’m going to continue to do pop-up openings randomly until 1.7 comes out. Keep an eye out. Let’s see how many can conquer the maze in short bursts of time. (New challenge).


@Thuthu when u do expect me on!!!


Boo boo are we all gonna wait for next update to see the thuthu server lets go and reopen the thuthu server woohoo! Sorry for being child for this reply forgive me @Thuthu hehehe and Happy new year!!! :smiley:


It’s open again today for the day 9A PST… will be shutting it again at around 6P PST.


The server is wonderful. I had the time of my life collecting mangoes in the Glade today. Hope to play again soon!


We aren’t home yet church just got done so hopefully see y’all after we are home


Thanks to everyone who visited MR today! It was a lot of fun and we had quite a packed house.

I forgot how much work it is monitoring the server!
phew. I’m out of shape!!

Have a good night guys.
Keep an eye out… that was so much fun, I’m sure I’ll open up again real soon.


I’ll be back! :smiley:


Thuthu server back and the evil bot too muahahaha XD The server really fun Totally when u are in maze escaping :stuck_out_tongue:


To my favorite masochistic community of Runners:

Maze Runner will be open this Saturday1/27/18 from 8A - 12P PST and 11A - 3P EST.
Can YOU escape in 4 hours?

  • The end time is a hard out when the server will be stopped and locked down. Everyone will get a 5 minute warning before they need to leave.
  • Another pop-up opening will happen this coming week and will be announced on Sunday night.

Hope to see you all then. My pets have missed you.
:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: They’ve been saving their appetites for your visit. mwahahahahahaha

Serious Reminder:

  1. Please remember that the rules on MR (Maze Runner) are STRICT. I don’t like to ban you guys, but I have no hesitation doing so. The reason this server works is because people don’t spoil it. The reason it’s a challenge is because you do it yourself and its an accomplishment if you succeed. Anyone that goes against the rule gets banned. I don’t care if you are sick or young or my grandmother. I will not have anyone spoil it for the players or disrespect the hard work we put into making this server. That’s the bottom line. (sorry granny).
  2. Please know that I actually READ the logs (believe it or not). You are responsible for your words and deeds whether staff is present or not. If I read that you are trying to circumvent the rules by coaching others… or saying “just this one time” to convince others to break rules, you WILL BE banned (if you haven’t been banned already). It’s pretty black and white. If you are unclear about what can be shared… play it safe… and just discuss the weather or some other NON SERVER topic.


Don’t worry I downloaded a program that blocks out giving away the maze. It’s called GGBOT.

[Sentence Blocked due to Maze Spoiling]


You aren’t supposed to say maze though :zipper_mouth_face:


10-2 I’ll come definitely I might have to set an alarm lol


Me: jumps trying to see over the fence that keeps 15ers out But…but…

Jk. I wish I could come though


I’ve set a calendar reminder so that I make sure to drop in. Its been a few months since I beat the scorch. I better do it again so I don’t get too out of practice… :wink:

Wicked is Good :smiling_imp:


Thuthu is good. :lol:


Was just thinking today about you on that course… (definitely a master and one of the best at it).

Will be great to see if you’ve still got it. (I really have no doubt)… maybe I should make it harder… hmmm. :smiling_imp:

Joking, everyone. Relax.


Omg. Soooo many memories of this server. Many of me figuring things out and screaming at Porky because it was so intense lololol! Great times :grinning:


Cool, I’ll make sure to come around to hang out in the Glade and chillax


Cant come :cry: because that’s 4am - 8am for me :frowning: