Cloud Server: the Maze Runner


I’ve only just started reading the Maze Runner. I absolutely love it. I joined this server long before I started to read the book. The instant I started turning those pages, I was reminded of this server. I’m excited to come on!


I thought I read “7” LOL.
Welp. Back to sleeping for another hour…


1 more hour now, isn’t it… I’ve just given up. Better luck next time! :joy:


Thanks for hosting Thu! I had a blast. Clearly I need to practice more though… Couldn’t finish the scorch in time.


That was fun! I’ll be back next time.


Thank all of you that joined us today on the Maze Runner. It was a lot of fun and you guys did extremely well considering the time constraints.

We will be opening again sometime this next week… I’ll let you know tomorrow night. Keep you posted.

My pets miss you already. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


I’ll join as long as

I’m not at church or dance or doing school work


I like mazes… but my parents (you probably know the rest ._.)


Thuthu’s pets are good. :lol:


@devyn , No idea what that means.
@GoodGradesBoy, they are. :smile:


My parents don’t allow me on cloud networks.


Thats too bad Devyn. I suppose the same holds true for Mac servers?


I never understood this, but they’re okay with Mac servers after I explained the differences between them.

Last post wins!

The Maze Runner is as good as a Mac server. I mean it could easily be one. Thuthu doesn’t put up with any cussing or insults.


That was earlier and church started at 6 anyways and we were about to leave then


Hey Runners,

Maze Runner will be open again this Thursday, 2/1/18 from 12p-4p PST and 3p-7p EST.
Last time we had a couple of people that came fairly close to escaping before the clock ran out…
Who’s up for the challenge again?

  • In the same way as last time, the end time is a hard out when the server will be stopped and locked down. Everyone will get a 5 minute warning before the Maze closes it’s doors.

Hope to see you all there. :smiling_imp:



Thursday I’m gonna get my school work done earlyyyyyyyyy so I can playyyy


Aaaagh I can’t come again cause it’s like only open at 8pm for me and I have to turn my phone of at 7:30 :clock730: :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


never had the chance to join before but will certainly be there this time. So Thursday 2nd @ 8pm for me!!


Ohnos I was unable to make it to join the server yesterday as I was busy hanging out with friends :weary::weary: I’ll try my best to join for a while this Thursday :3

Oh, wait, that’s 4am-8am for me, and I have school so… I’m out :no_good_woman:‍♀️ :no_good_woman:‍♀️ :no_good_woman:‍♀️