Cloud Server: the Maze Runner


[self-censored] every time Thu uses the smiling imp emoji :joy:


Can we do Job Listing when The Maze Runner opens? Are we allowed to do them ‘away?’ I believe it doesn’t show you’re avatar on the list while you’re doing the Job without being active…


Hey, Runners.

I’m so sorry that there has been such a delay in the re-Opening of the Maze Runner.

There are quite a few things that need to be sorted after the release of 1.7, including modification of a number of rules. As an example, @GoodGradesBoy, trade portals will no longer be in the Glade… so NO to the job listing question and NO to the doing anything while away question. (good questions though).

On a sad note, the server will not be open for another month. Apologies to all you loyal runners who have continued to ask me when I would get off my lazy butt and re-open the world (you were actually much nicer than that. LOL). Unfortunately, I need to be away until the end of May/beginning of June.

However, on a positive note, when the Maze Runner does re-open, we will kick off the re-boot with a




There will be some mini-challenges with prizes as a thank you for being so patient.
See you all then. Keep posted for exact date.


Probably a killing party. :laughing:

Thuthu is good at a different point of view now…


Yay, it’ll open when I get out of school! More time to play. :smiling_imp:


I think I’m about to become a victim. It seems Thu hasn’t had fresh blood in ages.


Wow, I haven’t played this server since I reached the maze exit… and promptly died within spitting distance. :joy: It’ll be fun to do it again, maybe it’s even changed from when I last did it…


Ooooh new challenges… :smiley: I was just going to ask you yesterday when MR was opening…


Ooooh, scorpion death duels! Scorch races!! Yeehaah!!


Aww, June I hope I could in that month it’s kinda busy to me. But it’s okay I will enjoy it!!


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Sorry. Can’t believe I took 2 days off from the forums and then the biggest news happens. AIYEEEE!!!




the server is closed rn


I think only staffs from this server only know the passwords and when there’s a lot online from the server they probably working on something like new challenge or building and etc.


It’s all done by Wicked and myself on this server… thus, the need for patience, since the building is a 1 or 2 person operation. We do, however, have THE best MODS who are fantastic at monitoring the rules and wield the ban hammer with finesse. :hammer::smiling_imp:


June! Great birthday present for my maze-mad twin, Uni35 (her birthday is in June)


The worst time is when you run out of battery in the middle of a [Blocked by GGBOT] in the maze.


I’m assuming you’ve met ThuThu’s pets then… :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


I’m a bit scared, never have met Thu’s pets


I like to consider everything that enters my server … my pets. :smiling_imp:
But I also have some very special, affectionate ones that live there 24/7.