Cloud Server: the Maze Runner


An old user name I used was banned after finishing this maze. I spoke of irrelevant information of an area outside the maze that wouldn’t help anyone. Apparently that was unforgivable. Moose Burger or Moose Jerky. Something like that. This was probably a little over a year ago. Long story short this server and me getting banned inspired Beggar’s Tomb. That and a Minecraft maze.


Ah, alright.

Yes, I have. Around maybe a year ago, I think. Though I’m not entirely sure what my username was since it’s been so long. ^^;


@FreewayKiller, First, neither of those names or anything close were banned. Second, if you don’t remember your ign, you may also be misremembering and downplaying your banned offense. I have a suspicion about who you were on my server and why you were banned. If that was you, it was not as innocent or as minor as you are claiming and spoiling wasn’t the only reason you were banned. I was there.

That being said, the rules of the server are crystal clear. If you finished the maze, you would have heard countless reminders not to do certain things while prepping and while going through the maze. The server isn’t subtle about what is and isn’t allowed.

I am glad however for you and the blockheads community that it inspired you to create other cool servers. Getting banned is a consequence of prohibited behavior but certainly not the end of the world.

@Reverse It will be good to see you again, then.


@Thuthu I saw your post being edited before my eyes!!! :hushed:


Magic :wink:


To join the world you need a password.


Because the server is not opening yet. It will be open at june I have no clue what date since its june 2 right now!


Its will be tomorrow for me! I am so excited to be back there and finish the maze and I prepare what will be your new or added from maze :wink:


I know I shouldn’t join but I hate not completing things.


Ok that makes a lot more sense


I apologize for asking so many questions, but will the server opened at 12:00 A.M PST or will it be opened later?


@Thuthu don’t have my ign rn so ik one server I’ll be on as soon as camps over (I won’t be on at camp cos if I’m able to even join then I’ll end up getting disconnected quickly)


Fantastic @agentpinkdog. It’ll be great to see one of my favorite regulars on the server again. :wink:


Hey Runners!!

I know you’ve been itching to make your escape attempts. (Silly humans will never learn.:smiling_imp:)

The good news?
The Maze Runner will open this Sunday, June 3rd from 10A to 10P PST for a BETA TRIAL RUN

  • If returning players are anxious to progress or new players want to check out the server and help me test the new format, come on by.

The bad news?
Things have been modified to accommodate the 1.7 update.
… and things may have gotten a bit more challenging. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Be sure to review the modified NEW RULES above or on the Welcome Page when you log on.
Knowing them will mean staying or going. No mercy for rule breaking or spoiling.
Saying you didn’t read the rules…
or that your dog ate the rules…
or that your grandmother told you, you could ignore the rules and just eat a cookie (bad granny!)
will NOT work.

Please note:
This is NOT the
which will kick off the Maze Runner’s 24/7 opening. That party will have some perks for joining the celebration and some goodies for those who win little mini-challenges on that day only. (Coming later this month)


Yessssss! Tomorrow I am going to be on definitely!


Have you tamed your pets yet?


Yesss :smiley: I should be able to be there


i have awaited this day for many months…
sheds tear
Unfortunately for me Sunday I have extra school (boo) :frowning: Oh well I can still hop on.

For those in EST that’s 1pm-1am. In Australia it’s 3am to 3pm :stuck_out_tongue:


Simmer down there, Champ. Eat a Snickers. I was merely relating a memory. Aparantly I was using another name. But yes the spilling of inconsequential beans was only part of my banning. The other half is that I said you have issues when you proceed to have a cow. Thank you for reminding me. At this point you could not pay me to return. btw I was living in Alaska at the time.

Again thank you for jogging my memory. What a mistake I just avoided.


I’ll probably be too busy to come tomorrow even if I had my ign