Cloud Server: UNIHORSE



I’m in


I’m in


Well, time’s up!

Congratulations to…

  1. @Dlxpv312 for one month of credit!
  2. @agentpinkdog for a week of credit!
  3. @Boltlord for a day of credit!

Winners: PM me with the world info you’d like the credit to go to. World- & its owners name should be enough (unless there are many with the same name). To those who were unlucky this time, no worries! You’ll get another chance to win.

Congratulations to the winners again!


What do the unlucky winners get?


Those who didn’t win will have to try again next time :wink:


I have a few questions I’d like to ask you guys about the past events I’ve held and possible ones in the future. I’ll open a poll with many things to choose from to get what you guys would like the most.

What do you think of the building contest we had back in 2016? You can see the results here.

  • It was great, I wouldn’t change a thing.
  • It was okay, I would have done it differently though (how?)
  • I’d do it completely differently (how?)
  • I was not interested in the event event though I knew about it (why?)
  • I don’t participate in any events.

0 voters

What kind of events would you participate in most?

  • Building (houses, structures)
  • Pixel art
  • Building (certain theme)
  • Something else, what?

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Nature theme :smiley:


That’s a great suggestion, haven’t thought of it yet!


Yay! May i joined that competition theme :slight_smile: im gonna do my best :wink: do make a nature builds


I originally joined to build a skyscraper, but never got around to it.


That was a year ago.


Better late than never :wink:


Aha, I remember the space themed build contest…
Never got around to finishing my asteroid city though. It’s fine, I would never have beaten louz’s rocket :rocket:


Anything completed would have beat my rocket :joy: it’s still not finished… gosh I’m slack!! Searching for the template now.


@UNIHORSE why ur server have password?


It’s waiting for a rollback :slight_smile:


Oh did u got hack?


Nope, the server got corrupted in a major way. Kind of like the day 1 reset, nothing unfixable though. Even if it would have been hacked I most likely would just clean it up, I prefer doing that unless the hacking is severe.


Oh ok :slight_smile:


I’ve edited the info part to be more clear on what the server is about instead of what you can do on it. I’ll update the one on the actual world’s welcome message as soon as the server opens again.

About the events, building competitions around certain themes seem to be the winner. I will start planning one as soon as the server gets kicked up again and the rewards will be amazing, don’t miss it when it comes!


I was at goodgrades and I was going to buy one last block of titanium and I accidentally bought out the second shelf.