Cloud Server: UNIHORSE



Building contest Januray 2018

It is time for our next building contest! Last one was a blast and huge thanks to everyone who was in it again, either for competition or pure joy of building.

This month we will be hosting one and this time with a theme that you will like for sure. Memes! Challenge yourself and others to do their best & may the top 3 buildings be rewarded again.

Rewards could be anything from rare tulips to TC items and credit for worlds… build and win to experience it yourself or wait and see.

  • Location is 60TC > at Meme Event station. Use the worldwide railway system to get there smoothly.
  • Building time will be from the 3rd of January to the 24th. That’s three weeks, should be enough.
  • Each player gets a 2x2 protection sign area to build with. That’s 62x62 blocks and should be enough. If not poke our staff members to discuss about space and having a bigger area.
  • Don’t want to compete but building sounds great? No problem. Just add a sign stating that you’re not competing near your art and voilà!


Special thanks to @Shariu for helping out with the preparing. Where would I be without you.




I wanna be in ;-; come on uni let me in the contest :frowning:


You beat me to it.


It’s been pretty much a week now (almost!) and we have a bunch of builds already up. I’ll be making a second platform for buildings later today or tomorrow since there’s still a bit of space on the old one.

Join and build something, doesn’t have to be huge or super detailed. You having fun and enjoying what you do is what counts!

I’ve posted back up there a town desciption of GGB’s Living Town. It’s not the only town we have but somehow the only one I’ve posted so far. I will get to the other ones as well.


Anyone want to fund me for building a meme on Unihorse? I don’t have any money, actually :cough:. I’d be glad to give this competition a shot (Ok, my pixel art sucks, but I’m attempting to use my brilliant creativity to wow the judges). You can have all the reward if you like :slight_smile:


I would be happy to help. When will you be next online?


I’d love to help but I can’t. As a staff member I’m not allowed to help out new players by giving out stuff :whistling:

Edit: I’ve updated the rules on this thread to match the ones on the server WM.


@piggywiggy33 Sorry, found some loot, did a box challenge sort of thing, made some money, I’m all set now.



Can I get a plot? To the right of Lucky’s zone. Also, is it okay if I have two builds? Whichever ones gets a better score, that’s the one I’m going with. Or one is entered without the competition.


One enter per person (sorry, should have clarified that!) but you can build more just for fun. Just choose which one is competing before the 24th.

Edit: About the plots, I’m making more space/a second platform today.

Edit 2: @Titan I just took a peek at the area again, there’s still space so I don’t need to expand the platform. I can protect an area by you just next to the middle area.


Two days left, I’m exited to see all the builds! Judging will be done via polls on the forums instead of on the server’s WM like we did on the last one. It was hard to make and a bit of cluttering as well.

I will post all the builds combined with a nice single-choice poll to go with. What’s the suggestion for voting time, one week?


I’ve told many people this, my parents hate me being on the cloud network. So if you have any pictures of builds you can share I’d love to see them. :slight_smile:


From the competition or the server overall?


The server overall, but also some of the competition’s :slight_smile:


I’ll do the competition builds and the votes on the 24th when the building time ends but overall builds from the server sounds neat. I’ve had ‘post the towns on the forums’ on my list for ages now and have managed to only post @GoodGradesBoy 's town so far.


Great, sounds good, thanks. :slight_smile:


Limited Time
Raining donkeys from the Living Town!

I removed all carrots to hopefully reduce that. Some donkey crowding is going on.


I just removed them all 8 hours ago!


I’ve run into a small problem while creating the poll. It only allows 10 options but we have 11 contestants. Last competition I made a poll on the server WM with a (bad) HTML poll from the internet. Not only was it time consuming on an iPhone 5 but it also effectively cluttered up the WM.

@milla Is it possible to allow more than 10 options in a poll & is there a particular reason why it’s only 10? Not the first time I’ve tried to do polls with slightly more than 10 options either.