Cloud Server: UNIHORSE



@UNIHORSE Okay, thanks Uni! I’ve also been preparing for a really long time about this update…


1.7 comes out today!! I’m so excited!11!!!


Maybe even under 5 hours away!


Mine is 12:00


Come on guys we can wait for this, just several more minutes!!!


It’s here!


Update here, server down. What a combination :arrrrgh:


When will it be back?


No idea, hopefully soon :slight_smile:


@UNIHORSE And what a coincidence we have right now… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So, how much will it be for a Unicorn…horse?


I’m setting up a breeding facility once the server opens again. Everyone is welcome to build their farms (whether they are mod or plant farms) on the tulip farms station which will be renamed to something more fitting… does anyone have any name ideas?


Are you looking for punny names, utilitarian names, or symbolic-ish names?


Anything that somewhat describes the content on that area is fine.


What about multiplication station?


Farming & Taming Station?


What about:
Darwin’s plaza/place
Pavillion of Genetics
Splicing Haven
The Petri Dish
Evolution junction

That’s all I have for the moment. .-.


I like the Petri Dish!


I may make a breeding center at my town.

And change all the protection sign sizes. :joy:


Hi is the server open? I need to open waterfall town but every time I want to join it says that’s whitelisted. :ouch: