Cloud Server World: Comfort&Joy

So, I wanted to make a really difficult world. One where you freeze to death, starve to death, your tools wear out and you lose everything when you die. But I have had some requests from survivors of that wonderful world, Skeeve’s Exile - they wanted to have things a bit easier for a change.

So you won’t freeze to death. Your tools won’t wear out as soon as you breathe on them. But there are a few little challenges that might make life interesting.

Welcome to Comfort&Joy.

Objective: Survive


Admins must not use admin powers to advance the game play of their non-admin accounts. For example, don’t scroll around unnecessarily.

No hacking, duping, unknowns, supershops, or cheating of any kind.

No hacked or duped items.

You may not plant apples or place dodo eggs.

No bad language. No spamming.

No inappropriate pictures or igns or chat.

Please use an actual name, not a string of letters, numbers, or symbols.

Do not use invisible characters in your ign.

Please use an avatar picture, not the default picture.

No excessive griefing or stealing. This is a cooperative world.

No protection signs except for spawn and pixel art.

Do not destroy gem trees.

Cooperate with Staff.


There are lots of survival servers out there.

I think Blue mean another survival server by Lizzie.

Quite a ironic server name :joy:


This indeed is the home of comfort and joy where your Blockhead wants to fall asleep every few minutes :joy:

I highly recommend giving it a go and make a challenge of it. Even getting a campfire is a task and a half :sweat_smile:


Try sky island trees only in expert mode with one hit kill and everything :slight_smile:

I know that may seem impossible though, never tried it but I am sure it’s possible.

And as an added bonus have the sky amit zero light

This is expert mode custom :+1:t2:


Oooooh boy.
No plants, yep, getting that first work bench will be a mission!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Okay I’ll pop in later when I get home :slight_smile:
-Louz (ign I’ll use)

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This morning I saw at least 9 benches on the server. So it is totally possible :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh waw one hit kill…

I have made a cosy little hut :slightly_smiling_face:


A significant scientific discovery has been made: A tree that has the potential of producing a small dark red fruit, purported to negate the debilitating effects of exhaustion. In an effort to aid the production of at least one of the fruit to appear, thermal properties of the surrounding environment will be enhanced.


Very unique gem tree found with cascading leaves hanging over the edge of the sky island and the trunk hidden:


I would join except for
A: very hard

I’m not using game center or any of that stuff… takes too long.