Cloud: Skeeve's Gigantic Challenge!

This is just a teaser - the world isn’t open yet because I’ve got some setting up at the initial spawn point and some experimenting to do.
Edit 12-3-2015: It’s now open - see post#29 for tips

Also - there are not enough character’s to name it, so the official name is just:
Skeeves Challeng (couldn’t even fit that last ‘e’)

So far, I’ve died about half a dozen times! I think it may be too hard…

Here are the settings:

Even though it will be outrageously difficult, the world is super rich in ores, gems, treasure, caves, sky islands, etc, so it will be worth the effort.

One Hit Kill applies to everything by the way. If you get bitten by even a baby shark, you’re dead and you immediately RIP automatically - losing all your items. This is a VERY dangerous world!
And PvP is on!! All you have to do is SLAP someone and they are dead!

Why am I doing this? Because it’s a 16X world. I’m sure you can hide from other players.
Also - eventually, as this world gets developed, I will allow protection signs.
Even temporarily Admining people to place them.

If this world gets popular, I will bring on additional staff - starting from the pool on SGE.

I’ll post again or update this post when it opens to the public!!

Quick Note: As for PvP, I am sure that there will be many “killer” type players who enjoy killing noobs entering the world for the first time with one hit. As a result, I will be disabling PvP from time to time, but I won’t be lowering the other difficulty settings so it’s still possible to die from injury.

Update Dec 2 2015:
Ok, I’m almost ready - here’s the scenario and rules:

In the early, dark days, of Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire, many criminal elements were banned from the empire never to be seen again. But where did they all go? The answer, kept secret for nearly 20 months, is right HERE. On this RED-HOT, Hostile, Penal Colony which will heretofor be referred to as Skeeve’s Gigantic Challenge.

Make no mistake - this is no pleasure paradise. SGC is a hostile, dog-eat-dog, dropbear-eat-dropbear, scorpion-eat-well, you get the idea - world. If you not only survive, but thrive here - call yourself a Blockheads Expert!

Now for the BASIC rules:

  1. EXPERTS ONLY!! I can’t emphasize this enough. This world is deadly. You can die from a single injury and your blockhead will immediately RIP, meaning you have to warp in a new one. You start with nothing but pajamas. Sorry, but if I started you with even one object you could cheat by repeatedly dying to collect the object over and over again.

  2. PvP is on and it only takes one hit to kill you!! Therefore - if you ever hope to survive, you better get away from the spawn portal - FAST! It is not against the rules to stay there an attack others, but if it becomes too harsh on people, I will temporarily disable PvP. (But the sharks, might getcha anyway!)

  3. As with any Skeeve server, you must not engage in Duplicating Items, Hacking, or Cheating in any way, shape or form.

  4. You must not use foul or abusive language, or paint any obscene pictures or use a pornographic profile pic. All my servers are FAMILY FRIENDLY!

5. All-out griefing is allowed! This is to encourage hiding. BUT… you may get a protection sign! You have to have a wooden sign + 3 gold ingots and access to a portal ready. Then I will ADMIN you and when I say “GO” you’ve got 15 seconds to craft it and place it. You only get 15 seconds because I don’t want to give you unfair advantage of seeing the world with “admin” eyes - revealing the black fog. Multiple protection signs will be considered, but not necessarily granted.

  1. Don’t bother begging for items and especially don’t bother asking to be a Mod or Admin. If you know me at all, you know that I ban people for even asking once sometimes.

  2. If this world gets very popular (which is sort of doubtful due to the difficulty) I will change the all-out griefing rule somewhat - especially considering that I don’t want to have useful things like Railroads griefed when people can use them for travel.


  1. Get Away from Spawn!! A single hit from another player will kill you. (Although, not so bad when you first start, of course)

  2. Be VERY aware of what can injure you. If you run out of air, even for a millisecond, you’ll be dead. You don’t want this to happen if you get fairly advanced and are far away. Perhaps build your own portal so you can at least teleport if you have to.

  3. Anything you don’t want to lose, I suggest putting in a safe as soon as you can craft one. I am the only Admin right now and have no need to steal anything from your safes.


Sounds like painful times, yet fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Ecpect me when it opens! :cheerful:

If you need any help with experimenting, I’ll be happy to assist. (Even if it probably means torture:) )

My bh will be happy to be subject to any experimentation you can devised :slight_smile:

Hmmm… This could be a challenge worthy of trying out :wink:

Sounds almost too frustrating for my nerves. I may join but I’ll be looking around for something one notch down on the difficulty scale.

I have a few stratagies up my sleeve…or should I say up my skeeve!

Never mind, I can imagine the horror of dropbears all of a sudden :0

Scary stuff, Skeeve :slight_smile:

I was hoping we’d see some crazy theme worlds when custom options came out. Trust you to kick it off with a world of death! :smiley:

Why don’t you just make it pitch black while you’re at it?

(Oh, stupid me, why did I suggest that? :dead:)

What does “Seed: SKEEVE” mean?

I believe his seed name was Skeeve, so it generates in his name. Litterally.

2 questions as well,

  1. Are Trade Portals going to be used on the server?
  2. Any thoughts onto adding starter kits?

Idk Skeeve’s plans but I guess starter kits are obsolete with the update. He will set the “spawn-in-items” to what he thinks you should start with.

You know I’ll be joining haha :smiley:

It says that trade portals are disabled.

I’lol be coming when it opens! :smiley:

We’ll be lucky if we spawn in with any food at all.

Ssh! Don’t give him ideas! :wink:

Wow @-@ very hard :0

If I ever joined there I would just not spawn D: lol jk