Cloud VS Blockserver VS Mac

Anyone know if blockserver was running a modified version? How did he have server messages and the control web page?

In no instance is the online world hosted in the app on the device. They are all three hosted on a server of some kind. The difference you’re seeing to hosting between Blockserver and the cloud is in the world management user interface, and the architecture used.

The BlockServer and Cloud tabs on the chart should be the other way around.

Agreeing with Cheese here, great thread:D

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Ace said she can make it possible to let /stop reset the server on her mac server, but she said she had to change it for every admin. So it also is possible to use /stop on mac servers I think

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Please note…none of the “modifications” I have made have anything to do with the actual coding of the server app. The server app is sandboxed, so accessing the source code to add these features is not possible (that I’m aware of or skilled enough to figure out how to do or even need to be able to do). Everything that I’ve added was done through scripting, and other Mac server owners would need to do the same things and have the same software/setup that I do in order for them to work the way I have them.

So, you should only list the actual specifications for the Mac server app, since currently my servers are the only ones with the added features.

And also…the Mac servers are 100% free. It doesn’t cost anything to have the server on or keep it running. The ONLY things that cost money are the cost of electricity to have the computer itself on….which is (for me) about <$1 per day (Macs are very energy efficient), and of course, Internet----both of which are already costing money even without the server. The computer can sleep when not in use and the server still runs, too.

Also, the reason there’s no list of Mac servers to join anywhere is because I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who uses it. Lol.

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actually, tanooki uses it too.

Oh, cool. Haven’t seen him around in a while, so I didn’t know.

I am just owning a Mac Air! Where can I download the server app for macs?
Edit: Found it.

It’s been ages, but I did get my computer up and running again, and my various servers are online, although it seems no one is making use of them.

Same here, Tanooki… Mac Servers have seen better days, that’s for sure. I’ve been pushing to get some more support for them, with the addition of the Cloud and everything, but no luck. That’s why I made a few changes of my own. But…the changes are useless without having anyone actually on the server…

I suppose I could make a thread or add a page to my website about how other Mac server hosts could add the features, but I’m just not sure if there’s much demand for it, or even if it would be frowned upon (like stepping on Dave’s toes or something).

I doubt it’d be stepping on his toes. I’d love to know how blockserver was able to link the Mac server to web pages, to create the controls.

im trying to find the port to pie games :stuck_out_tongue: i should be on today though

Good job on the guide buddy!

I’m fairly certain (Zhaus correct me if I’m wrong) that Dave must have provided the source code.

Zhaus ran the command-line version, which allows him to change a few things about how the server runs - or add other ways to control the server, or make the server say a message every X minutes.

At least, I think that’s what I heard.

Pie Games is hosted at

Before the cloud existed Dave released a command line version of the mac app, everything I used is readily available to anybody. I then wrote a lot of custom code (in python) that the website would use for starting the game and sending chat commands to it via stdin. When BlockServer first launched beta all I has was a START and a STOP button and it only ran on a single Mac mini (the website runs on linux and controls the mini). The project developed over many months as I expanded to multiple machines and added new features week by week. It is now a couple thousand lines of code, it’s gone through many revisions and improvements. This code now runs the cloud with thousands of blockheads worlds across tens of servers, all dynamically load balanced.

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