Cloud World: Adults-Only-Anew (Invitation Only)

Our server was very old and full of all kinds of things. packed with collected items, huge buildings and all kinds of tricks and glitches to get interesting results. As a consequence, however, it was very laggy and crashed frequently. With this in mind we have created a parallel server to restart our gaming. The old Adults-Only-18-Plus will be whitelisted, and instead the community will move to the server “Adults Only Anew”.

[SIZE=4][COLOR="#B22222"]If you are interested in joining an adult community and great environment, in a newly established world, I invite you to join us. [/COLOR][/SIZE]Though the server is new we have already accomplished some great feats!
Send me a private message to obtain the password. The server will go fully public in the future, but for now we would prefer to keep things simple. The same rules apply as before, and are listed and explained below.

We aim to keep this server going for, at least as long as the previous (~2 years). Therefore we will ask people to refrain from abusing glitches of any kind, so that we do not accumulate bugs that could slow down the server in the future. Examples are placing lamps or gems behind blocks, creating super-hot furnaces, super-shops, duping, invisible rails, etc.

Original Post:

Greetings BH Forumites,

I’ve decided at long last to advertise this old world here, in the hopes of getting some more good members. This world is close to two years old, probably the oldest in the game. It has always been public!

We are a MATURE community, all members being at least 18 years old.
It is a very chill environment where everyone makes fun of everyone else, and nothing is taken too seriously. So don’t be offended if we make a joke about yo momma.

Here’s some pics to get you hooked:

Giant trolls roam the landscape

Batman will protect you!

Pixelated animals

More pixel art!

And france!

so if you’re interested, look us up in the advanced -> search menu!
name: Adults-Only-18-Plus
owner: HOBO.
pvp: variable
size: 1x

If you see me (Ostrogod) there, say you are a Forumite and I’ll help you out.

Additional Info:

We encourage players new to our world to be independent and work for what they want. As such, newbies receive no items, money, tools or clothes whatsoever upon arrival. Going right from spawn, there is a trade portal (level 1), several benches and shops and a greenhouse ripe with trees, which are there to help new arrivals. This restriction is also to protect ourselves from griefers.
So our rules are:

Any player without a Portal Chest is considered a "newbie"
Newbies may not receive any items from established players.
Newbies may not borrow any items from established players.
Keep your trade portal locked away, where newbies cannot access it.
Do not steal / grief / damage, of course.
Don’t ask to be a mod or admin - if you do, we will never make you one.
Don’t ask “Where is everyone”, “where are you”, etc. This is a stupid question.
Don’t dupe, don’t bring in duped items - these items can cause lag in the server.
Don’t use and don’t keep Super Shops - these items can cause lag in the server.
Don’t keep Unknowns - these items can cause MASSIVE lag and even crash a server.
Don’t punch trees - wood is useless early on. Build an axe first.

Once you have stocked up on food and crafted anything you like, you should go right to cross “The Badlands”. On the other side of the badlands you will find the first few settlements and, eventually, Nathaniel’s Shelter for the Homeless - a large complex meant to house players until they are ready to move on. The owner - Hobo - lives in the shelter full time.


(1) This server is not ideal for players new to TheBlockheads. I strongly recommend all new players to learn the ins and outs of the game in single player, before bothering people in online worlds with silly questions. That said, a smart newbie may be able to pick it up as they go, if they’re a good fit with the community.

(2) This is a community of ADULTS on the INTERNET. Expect there to be sarcasm, cynicism, horseplay and light trolling. If you’re not comfortable in this kind of environment, this world may not be suited for you.

(3) This world has some adult content, which minors may find disgusting, disturbing, disagreeable or disinteresting. You have been warned.

(4) Our ban list is rumored to be over 120 pages long. This is mostly kids trying to come in, or people being stupid. 99.9% of bans are final and nonnegotiable. If you think you have a case you can contact me here.

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Limited time offer:

I am currently hosting a contest: The first newbie to craft or buy a Jetpack for themselves, will earn a lease on an AWESOME sky base, beautifully designed, fully equipped with all benches, 30 solar panels and more. Ask me in server for details.

EDIT: contest over. Winners announced in the server.

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hello guys,

i joined this server today and i must say: amazing server!
i will definetly stay and im looking forward to get to know all its members and their awesome builds!

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When I saw in the rules that it said “do not advertise your world or we will grief it” I felt like I really had to advertise my world just to see them struggle to grief it, lol. There is a good reason my server is public. (Ungriefable)
I’m personally not even close to being 18, but I just wanted to see how the server looked.
To the builders/architects: You’ve done an amazing job on it. It looks very finely made, the water makes spawn look even better, and the marble/painted marble blends together extremely well.

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chuckles its entirely posable to grief still you just have to be smart about it. We were getting more than a little sick of people logging in just to demand that we go to their server. The final straw was when someone logged in that I had never saw before and suggested I do adult things with myself and that everyone should leave and join his server.

I may check this out sometime! Sounds like fun, I’ve been looking for a server like that for a while! :slight_smile:

I’m curious. What makes you believe 18+ humans are mature while others are not?


I’m on Pine’s side… At least 60% of the forum community and 30% of the game community are kids.
I think.
@Dochobo Protection Signs! >_< and the strong metal

I think more than 60% of this forum community are kids…but I don’t think 70% of all people playing blockheads are kids…it’s gotta be much less…at least that’s my guess and my experience.

Right, I change it to 30% but I think this should be also let in for mature kids.

30% sounds more reasonable to me but who knows. As for the mature thing…there are mature kids and childish adults…I think what the server owner is trying to say by their rules, is not that all adults are mature and not all kids are childish, but that only mature people with the age of 18 or above are welcome. Mature also doesn’t necessarily mean not acting like a dork but also not being offended by certain types of language, nicknames and pics (like we just had the discussion in the other thread), and general discussions about adult stuff… :slight_smile:

You’re missing the point. It’s a matter of conduct and protecting younger players from inappropriate content. If your mother found you playing on a world where language was bad and adult themes existed she’d be horrified, and as such we’d need to lock it down. Adults wishing to play without worrying about causing issues need worlds they can relax in.

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mrs goodwill and milla pretty much have it correct.

Thanks for the clarification, I think i got the point XD

I see, thank you, Milla :slight_smile: Up-rep

I’m glad to see the topic has sparked some interest. I’ve seen three forumites show up already. Hope we get enough people to bring us back to the glory days! haha.

Thank you, milla & mrs goodwill for your clarification and support, in much more eloquent terms than I would have been able to :*

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I noticed the images in OP were broken. fixed it :slight_smile:

Question: why do you like mommy so much tsuntsun [emoji14] ?
Please do come, the community is exceptional, full of kind people (just don’t be a source of problems[emoji5]).
I joined a picture: the Hall of Wonders built with colors you might not have seen yet on BH I think :slight_smile:

(Is this a good ad ostro ?)

I updated the main post with important news. Please hit “page 1” to check it out :slight_smile:

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hiya pmd u wud like to check d server [emoji13] @ostrogod