Cloud world: Adventure map on Skylands Adventure



At long last, the adventure is complete. Here are the details and rules taken from the Intro page.

Please READ. This is not your typical server where you make a bench and craft stuff and build anywhere you want. Prepare for a world unlike any other. Prepare for an ADVENTURE.

But first…a few rules to play by. Bear in mind that I and others spent long hours creating this world and we intended it for many players to enjoy. Not following the rules not only spoils the fun for you, but also for others who might follow you.

  1. Enjoy the adventure. If something seems impossible, or you die too quickly, consider a different strategy. Maybe there is a special survival trick or something you overlooked. But at the same time, this isn’t a server for beginners. If you aren’t familiar with some of the lesser known tricks of the game, you may find this adventure entirely too difficult.

  2. Absolutely no hacking or duping. This is intended to challenge and be fun for the legitimate player without cheating.

  3. Do not ask to be staff. This is a special adventure server. Once you complete the adventure, you can choose to stay around and build, watch other players work their way through it, or explore to the remote castles, or leave the server with the satisfaction that you made it to the end!

  4. Please, do not help players who are behind you in the adventure. That spoils the game for them. If they are truly stuck, perhaps offer a hint as to how to progress.

  5. Golden chests indicate LOOT! In most cases we will leave stacks of items in the right amount to get beyond the next section. You don’t need to take more than one stack or one weapon or armor piece. You should only need to find one golden chest per section of the adventure. Finding more than one will not really help you, unless the first one you found was already empty. If you do find an empty chest, please let us know on the forum and we’ll try to get it restocked for other players.

  6. Some challenges are intended to be hard, but nothing is impossible. Just because you think you are trapped doesn’t mean you are. Look for ways to solve the problem to escape.

TECHNICAL NOTE: This map uses a lot of one way doors. These doors have a block on the opposite side from where you stand but should still let you pass through them. If you find that you cannot pass forward through them, try logging out and back in.


Baron von Sushi once ruled the land from Wintamere to the Hollow Hill. But the dark wizard Bor Doom came to the land and put a spell upon the Baron and froze the entire kingdom of Westerblock in a suspended state. While other kingdoms showed progress and innovations in technology, Westerblock never felt the hum of electric engines or the whoosh of jetpacks.

Until Sir Chapelier, once a knight of the kingdom of Baron von Sushi, returned from far regions and found a silence upon all the land. He searched and searched for the cause of the curse until he found the Baron in his permanent stasis. He called upon the Blocksages to find if there was a cure and lo, he discovered there WAS a cure. But it would be hard to retrieve. It was a potion concocted with rare materials. Some of which the wizard Bor Doom had locked and secured in deep corners of the world. This would require a QUEST!

“Hail knights of renown and heroes of other worlds. I call upon all of ye to follow me on this quest, to succeed if I should fail and reach the Baron with the ingredients for the potion. I shall leave signs as I go to help any who follow me. I hope that they are not my final words, but take heed of them lest they become so.”

“Hark now and heed my words. The ingredients ye shall seek are these: a piece of fish, fully cooked; a tulip, black as night; poison, just a drop; and an amethyst from a pure gem tree. These items must be collected and combined in a glass cabinet. Some other items may also be gained along the way to help ye on your quest.”

Are you ready? Click to join.


A big thanks to all the players who helped me build, mine, plant and test this adventure.

Special thanks to:

Skye23456 for the forest,
TheGreatestWab and NotGirlyGirl112 aka. Toad for the mazes,
Ollivander, Eago Man aka Bob2003, Cassia, CrashAndBurn and Diamond Knight for various supplies, building and support.

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Assorted Servers
Cloud World: Skylands Arena

You might want to reserve another post for this one. I can delete any posts made before you do, if you wish to do this.


Oh, it’s finally open to the public! I think lots of people will enjoy it :slight_smile:

I’m nearly done with the castle, but havent got to work on it due to LOTS of essays and work from my classes. I should be able to get on tonight and finish it off!
Sorry for taking so long on it!

Oh, and I can delete this post if you like, if you wanted to reserve a second post as Milla stated.


OK, reserving this spot.

Sorry StainedGlass, I got inspired and sorta took over on the castle. Tell me what you think but don’t spoil the surprise.

Milla, I hope you and Dave both try out the adventure. I think it’s well worth anyone’s time.


No problem, Jem. I don’t mind :slight_smile:

I’ll check it out! I’m sure it will look amazing.


Sounds awesome! :slight_smile:
I’ll go take a look sometime.


I really wish I had time just now, but I’m a bit swamped. Maybe in a week or two it will all be under control and I can play again. I also still don’t have my ISP’s bad upstream performance resolved, so I tend to disconnect every few minutes.


It’s fun! And it can be cruel! It definitely is n adventure. Try this out guys! I’m not yet out of the forest which is just close to the beginning cause i used up my food, got no campfire and im bleeding to death from dropbear attack D: (and also due to wifi problems :wink: ) but i will be back later to continue my journey. Thanks team jemni for putting this up!


Defo trying it out! :smiley:


Thanks all. Remember, read the rules CAREFULLY. If there’s something that keeps killing you, then maybe you are missing a crucial something or other.

A few players have found legitimate issues and I think I have resolved all of those now. Now, I just need to stay ahead of the crowd and restock some chests.


It’s an awesome server, a REAL ADVENTURE.

Though my childishness almost made me rage quit when I died. :confused:

Ignore the sentence above, I’m back in da game.


I am the cave hermit, so come near and i WILL attack you, find me in the caves with my portal >:-)


The donkeys on the skyland above the sky palace aren’t growing, there are 3 babies. But nothing else spawns. I guess they need heat?


I’ll be working on it as soon as I can Jhonee.


It works!


What is the name of the server?


It’s called Skylands adventure, but you’ll need to use the link i posted in the first post to access it. It’s set to private to keep out the random players joining.


Hello! I’ve reached the Sky Palace! What should I do?


Aww man, I can’t get past the Handcar part that’s past the scorpions. :frowning:


Wow the Handcart part is so fun! I can do it easily!
Hint: Don’t stop or you’ll have to restart from the beginning of the Handcart parkour!