Cloud World: Ahhzian Mines

A few may have wondered what a world might look like if completely strip mined… probably very few though. :joy:

I did so on a 1/16th Single Player world once. Unfortunately that world was washed away. I wish Gollum had asked me “What’s it gots in its pocketses?!” Before I went swimming with my iPhone in me pockets. (I’ll post one of the last screenshots below)

Well… now I’ve all but done it again. This time on a 1/16th Server Whirled!!!
Once strip mined off all ores, I’ll seek to then “void” out the total of the underground realms. That’ll leave open seemingly empty expanses for rails to be run for speed and fun. :star_struck:

As soon as I finish up, I’ll do a selective opening so as to allow good peeps to explore and ride the multilevel handcart and train rails.
This isn’t intended to take away from players time enjoying the other great servers, yet to offer a unique experience.

Crafting and farming will be allowed if any wish a small plot to do so. Since all minerals will have been stripped, it’ll be possible to mine raw rock and sluice for them as well as use job boards. Or to find hidden caches within secreted chests. :nerd_face:

More info to come as I progress.
Thank you for taking the time ta read this post.

Sincerely, StormRhyder
(aka Lao Tzu & Aahz)

((Old SinglePlayerWorld))

((New ServerWorld))


Whoa this is amazing, this must’ve taken a ton of time lol

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It took about a month and a half of on again off again work. Too much free time on my hands, and patience. :laughing:

Wow a month! Your dedication is inspirational! Are you also gonna remove the stone too?

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I am surprised that it didn’t take longer!

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I’ve been off work due to a rotator cuff surgery so I’ve had plenty of free time. :disappointed:/:relieved:.

Edited title to show it’s a cloud world, rather than a Mac server world.

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Thank you for that. This is the first time I’ve started a thread for one of my online worlds. :cowboy_hat_face:

Good luck. Do what you can to minimize lag. A 1/16th world might just be feasible though.

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Thank you! I’m doing my best.
I keep the map zoomed on tight while mining. I do have BH’s crafting, yet minimize their impact as much as possible.

Your Void world inspired me. I’d been on it a bit, a few years back, before you whitelisted it. :cowboy_hat_face:


Updating to show current progress.
I’ve got all of the vertical shafts in place, with a standard spacing of 9 blocks apart. There are a few shafts that are 7 or 8 apart due to where poles and spawn are. I’ve been working on laying out hand cart parkour in the mountains above sea level.

I took some time away from BH for personal business, yet will work on mining after the 4th of July holiday. :cowboy_hat_face:


Happy New Year, one and all!

It’s been a long while since I’ve updated this thread, let alone kept in touch with good people in-game.

I’ve been slowly progressing on this project even though time has been limited. I’m working on “voiding” out the world in layers; from sky towards lava.

I do have lovey hand cart rides I’ve built to amuse me when weary of managing two to three block breakers/“DigDugs”.

Edit: it took a seemingly endless amount of time to bucket and door drain the deep ocean. Yet there is now an alcohol free “Dry Martini” in it’s place at the North Pole.


Oh god even the ocean :fearful:

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much props to you, as I can imagine it was unbelievably time consumin !

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Woah. Your world is so naked! I think it would be so much fun to take a little stroll through what used to be an ocean

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