Cloud World: Alpha Centauri

Well Folks, it’s time I finally let you in on a secret I’ve kept for over 6 months:

I am the owner of Alpha Centauri!

Yep - it’s true, “Mission Command” is me.

It was really started as an experiment. I wanted to see what would become of an unmaintained world where even the owner didn’t come online much or even say much when online.
I just thought it would be cool to have a nice little retreat where I could observe players and play myself without having to interact much while keeping my identity secret.

It’s a peaceful server - PvP is off, but the theme is that you have traveled through space to a planet orbiting our nearest star, Alpha Centauri and your mission is to colonize it.
There are rumors of Aliens about and surprises. To that end, I have created a few scary paintings of aliens underground. I laughed when one player nearly dropped his device upon seeing one!

Anyway - it’s always been public - but I’ve never mentioned it until now.
You’re all welcome to join, but as before I may only be there very rarely.
so have fun, enjoy - and place more pictures of Aliens underground to scare folks!! Maybe create Alien bases, too. Hehe :smiley:

Hi skeeve

I like the sound if the server alien art, no pvp and making alien bases. I’ll see you soon

Baa sss :confused:

Sounds cool. I’ll have to take a look.

Also, congratulations on 1000 posts :slight_smile:

Well I’ll be danged - when did that happen? :smiley:

Hi guys! This is not a bump - I actually re-opened Alpha Centauri and it has about 30 days credit!

Here is the latest attraction just to the right of Spawn:
(Let’s see who’s first to name this game and which company produced it)

Here’s a close-up:

And here’s a closer-up:

Materials used were Painted Marble Blocks, Black Glass for the eyes, and Tin Blocks for the bunkers and projectile launcher. Basalt for the alien missile.

Space Invaders, Taito!

Nice job Wingy! Actually, I thought Atari invented Space Invaders… hmm… well, off to Google I go to check!

Edit: Yup - you’re right, it was Taito. Atari quadrupled the popularity though, and although I never actually owned an Atari console, my friends did in the early 80’s and we all played on that.

I played that game! I think the old Atari is still in my parent’s attic!

That’s probably worth something to a collector.

I have my old Commodore 64 in my basement. Practically everything is missing for it though - no disk drive, no cables, no monitor - all lost through various moves and spring clean purgings. It might still work though, but doubtful considering all the moisture it’s been exposed to.

I know it still works. We still bring it out for the kids to play the real pacman sometimes. Finding a working TV that it will hook up to is the challenge.