Cloud world: Archenland

Hello this is our new meeting place

hello sukai&mira

Hey FlyingCaveTroll, the meeting will take place tomorrow probably.

Hope to see you there!


Is it a cloud world or a server world?


If you didn’t write it, it’s not obvious.

Only if they own a mac,or haves a friend who does.

In what way is it obvious? You don’t mention it anywhere in your post.

Never mind, its just the way I speak. Sorry

Courtesy and respect are important here. Please make some effort not to post in a flip, dismissive, or off-hand manner that might offend or upset our community members.

Having said that, welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

That’s true

good morning everyone


Go on showdown

Don’t say the password

There is no password, I just looked up your server on the app

I am a Terrarian master!

No to dromena

What password???

Okay, I made a new place for my handcart park but I haven’t placed rails yet :confused:

Hi Sukai. That’s going to make for a tight little track, but I’ll give it a go. If it were me I would widen the top to make it more like an upside down trapezoid. That might cause fewer injuries. :wink: Are there any must have requests?

EDIT: Here you go. I started with some jumps and a balance rail and that’s about all I can fit. The goal of the balance rail at the top is land on it from a jump and stop your handcar to balance there for a few seconds. It’s harder than it sounds and will take some practice.

The orange pillars are each 2 columns high so that they can hang in space without support. I usually design courses as I build them so if something doesn’t work I refine it as I go. Hopefully you can correct and adjust where you need to.