Cloud world: Archenland

Conan, can I help with the building? I have plenty of marble and will follow any directions of yours.

Oh thanks, you’re so kind but I don’t need marble because I HAVE TRUCK LOADS OF MARBLE, that’s why I chose the building to be made out of marble.
But you could build really cool structures to the left of the Golden road as I am not happy with some of the structures which I’m going to take down and you could build cool buildings on that land. :slight_smile:

Conan must be very happy :slight_smile:

I gave him Archenland. But he had to add a week of credit to Nintendo Land XD

Conan, have you finished my portrait for the Hall of Fame?

Please read the forum rules. One thread is permitted for each world, and each world must have its own thread.

I have merged a number of threads you have started, which, incidentally, would have lead to activity in the original thread if you had posted there instead.

… I completely forgot about it, I will crop and pain the picture when I get, currently I’m really busy.

Hey guys,

It has been a few years since this cloud world was active so I would greatly appreciate it if someone could add credit to this wonderful world. As a reward, they will be admin and be able to explore the beautiful architecture.

Thanks very much guys,

P.S sorry for bumping this topic up

Sorry to disappoint but with 1.7 the update deleted servers that didn’t have credit for a year or something like that

No, worlds are not deleted when they run out of credit. The worlds are sent for long term storage and can be revived if credited.

@Conan_Darkrai: Are you asking for regular funding for your server to revive it, or just a “one-off” payment of maybe a week (to take pictures, relive memories, retrieve items, etc)?


Please don’t tell people that we delete worlds.

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Yeah just a “one-off” to take a final visit back.

Ok. I am willing to donate a week of credit to your server for your final visit. I have some spare Google Play credit which would expire anyway if I didn’t use it, and I really don’t have a use for them. It’s good to see an old forumer come back and want to relive the old times :slight_smile:

Let me know when you want the credit added, so that you can make the most out of it. I assume it’s ARCHENLAND by SERVER OWNER LOL ?

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Thank you very much sir! I would like the credit to be added as soon as possible :slight_smile:
Please let me know your IGN so I can make you admin and therefore you’ll be able to see our creations which are hidden away

Ok. Going to add now. I don’t have time now to see the world, but I might later if I have the time.

My IGN is RAY2359

EDIT: Added.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Ray has generously added credit and it has now been re-opened!
Please take a visit to Archenland while the credit lasts for a week. :slight_smile:

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I’m going to try to visit, just because I’ve never been on this server…

Also welcome back, Conan!

OMG… You’re still here?!?
Long time no see ! :cry:
Please do! Let me know your IGN

Haha, yes, I’m still here! I wondered whether you would remember me lol. How is Sukai? And my IGN will probably be something with Alexandra in it, I’ll just pop on right now and go with whatever IGN I used last.

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Just a quick UPDATE that Archenland will be closing down very soon so visit while you and if you do plan going on, please let me know so I can get on and show you around :cry:

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