~Cloud World~ CiTopia! OVERHAUL COMING SOON!


What is CiTopia?

Citopia is a long beloved server sense the options of having servers came out!

The first release was a basic survival and build game based on city and group building, Clan wars, and more!

After a while of this game slowly getting greefed more and more, we came out with our first offical update The Great City 1.1 this was mostly to restart the world for players to start over, had a small spawn hub but protection signs were not yet introduced so greefing still prevailed.

Next came The Great City 1.2 or better known as The CiTopia Update after the starter city you spawn in which added tons of new features including a huge city to spawn in and grow your resources faster to create your own city with also the option to stay in the starter city or simply join other cities to help grow your own needs. This update also brought new pvp matches and sky cities for players to find

Sense 1.7 of Blockheads like most servers ours was brought down but we plan to change this soon with a brand new server The Great City 1.3 we have some amazing plans for this new update BUT we still have yet to get started on it, all ideas atm but see below what we plan to do

What’s in the plans for the overhaul?

All new map!
several starter cities instead of just the one!
Job opportunities
Better growth opportunities for your very own world
possibly multiple servers all connected!
Sky/underground cities
Challenges to up your game and grow
weekly pvp matches to gain resources(like hunger games)


If you are interested in being a mod or even a creator with opportunity to get admin rights, DM me and i can get you looped in

Release Date

In construction atm, talking to past server creators and designers about doing a overhaul on the server to bring all new content and now CHALLENGES! Release date not yet set, but look taowrds New Years for a release date!

How to be White Listed

Currently the game is being redone, if you are interested in getting perks for the new server DM me and at a future date we will be opening up whitelist sign ups with starter packs FREE.


CiTopia is for players who want to start a settlement from a single tree and a great idea! Grow your settlement through all the stages and one day be in charge of an entire country soon to take control of the world!


To start off you want to use every resource you have in the city of bloxia to save enough money to ether buy land in the city and slowly take over or branch out and start from scratch with your very own settlement! Once you have a settlement get other players to join you in your conquest to upgrade your settlement to make it bigger, better, and stronger.

Naming your country

when you have your own settlement you can name it what ever you want and when it gets big enough it will go on the settlement listing, each name can only be used once so if i were you i would post in the comments a name you want to reserve and i will save it for you.


  1. No cursing under any circumstance, this will get you kicked.

  2. No hacking or exploits in any way unless you have permission from an admin first, not asking first will resort in a possible ban.

  3. No mining or greefing around any settlement in the settlement listing, if you do, you will be kicked and likely banned

  4. No spamming chat or spamming items into the server or else you will be kicked

  5. No entering an admin only area, if you do you will be ask to leave imminently or else risk being banned

  6. 3 kicks end in a ban stretching from 1 day to possible perm ban.

(Admins reserve the right to Ban/Kick any player at any time no matter the reason, mods have same control but admins will look over the situation to reason it)


You can ask to be mod/admin but you will likely not be answered(and remember not to spam chat with it). Mod can be received by owning a Large city, Admin can be received by being a mayor over a State.

Ipack Store

Each player can only have 1 of each class of Ipack but Sadly so far there is no way to sell packs unless an admin is online, if not then feel free to text one of the contacts and I will try to be sure you get one.

Staff Contacts


(no mods)

More details

when the game opens, in the welcome message there will be more details on different types of settlements and whats you need to do to classify them as such.

Give your support and vote for “CiTopia”!!

Server Link


If you want I can white list you for the server and set you up with a free pack when the server opens.

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Please add the rules to the first post. Thanks!


This server has had things already posted following the rules of first postings, this is just an update on what we have so far. At this point there is no specific rules for the server due to the fact it is not running yet.

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Ooh that sounds nice :slight_smile:

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I wanna make a country and TAKE OVER DA WORLD!

Seems like a cool server! I really wanna join!

I will call it…Anglicus! Oh wait, that’s taken? I’ll be right back… Uses Google Translater English to latin


Brother if u need help in any thing feel free to ask :wink:


Competition. Nice.

I want to call my city Mandibulae!

I’v had this server in progress a lot longer.
(this is my other acct)

Did you ask Milla for another acct?

(It’s not allowed in the forums)

anyone the server sounds great!


It’s an old acct i didnt have the password for a while so i made a new one, now i have nothing to do with it. And thx we just finishing up on the welcome message and will be rddy to post about its release with details on the server itself.

Nice Server! I shall be on to help work on it when school isn’t being a sword in my side.


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Almost done working on the server, i plan on posting a thread about the details by the 23rd and possibly some type of competition that the winner will be reworded with the best starter pack!

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I’m excited!

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Will the info come out soon?

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Hopefully, we all need time to do the prioritized things, though.

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Here’s the update for you guys! hope you enjoy!

I’d like to reserve…(gets out google translater) “The Magna Empire”.

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I’ve removed personal information from the OP. Please don’t share contact information in the open forums.