Cloud world: Citystates

Hi, and welcome to Citystates! (States are essentially countries by the way).

Server link-

The goal of Citystates is to mix general survival mechanics with political systems and states similar to our own world. Trade portals are jobs only, and the world is currently on Public with a 16x world size.


1: No griefing.

2: No stealing.

3: No NSFW content.

4: PVP rules fluctuate, but trying to get around pvp being off is not permitted.

5: No duplicating, exploiting, or use of any non-game systems by hacking (in the colloquial term) or using scripts to gain unfair privileges.

6: No leaking personal information, which includes identifying information.

7: Do not abuse staff power. This counts as using staff powers for purposes that other players do not have access to. Protecting land in a country does not count as long as staff members protect other countries as is asked and requested to some extent.

8: No asking for staff positions.

9: No advertising. Anyone can give out server names only to answer people’s questions.

10: No chat spamming.

11: No online dating.

12: Be respectful to everyone; however, roughhousing and general lighthearted jabbing is aloud. I’ll let you know if it seems to be getting too far.

Staff application:

The welcome message has the rules on making states, so if you do wish to make states then you can send me a private message on the forums, or let me know on the server. I plan to make a Discord server eventually, with all the resources necessary for making states and applying for staff. State names and relative locations will be listed on the Welcome Message.

I am currently the only staff member, but I will open up applications soon. For the meantime you can report players to me and I will sort it through the Owner Portal.

We do not have any spawn buildings because spawn is currently just for resources gathering, but it will probably be protected soon after this post.


Will this server be a part of the Blockheads Connected Unions?


They haven’t PMed me.


I’m debating it. The war system may have a certain kind of war where both countries agree to allowing military bases to be destroyed in war, so I want to organize wars before I join so I can set the rules more in order.


Greetings everyone, here’s the update for everything that’s happened today!

We have 1 new state, Burrow State specifically, which is just a tad left of spawn. We also have two more protected areas (they should become states or towns soon enough). I’ve protected a 30 block radius around spawn for new players to jump off at.

Regarding rules updates, we’ve made advertising banned (unless answering player query through owners, for example, Miner Matters for TC mining.) We’ve also made a very simple Discord server, which is just a general chat with a few extra channels, which I plan on working on more. I hope to come with more news soon, so see you all later!


Hey! Here’s a quick update on the hours since my last notice. We have one new state, and two new independent towns! The state of Tobold and its town of Etente in the middle of the first island left, and Lipa City and Oliver Town settled down in the left of spawn.

Policy has been coming along slowly, wars still are not in place, but I plan to get them out in a few days or a week at most. Now, I have a question to ask you all in a poll.

Do you think wars with consensual, two state destruction of military bases is something we should allow for? (As in people can break their enemies military bases)

  • Yes
  • Undecided
  • Not Important
  • No

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Hey everyone, I’m here once again, and I have a few things to tell you.

Firstly, wars are almost ready. I get it, I haven’t made an official document yet, but the functions are pretty set in stone. First, let’s go over war rules.

All wars must be declared 24 hours before they begin, regardless of what kind it is. States and independent towns have to be at least 7 days old to declare war on anyone, and a state or independent town has to have been established for 7 days to have war declared on them. Below will be the 3 types of war I plan on.

1: Formal-Standard. Formal-Standard wars will be agreed upon by two parties. Each battle will be organized at a time and place by both parties, and the army who can clear the whole of the enemy army during a battle claims victory at one of the battles, which will be a set amount before it all begins. Each side will determine what they will lose or give up if they lose the war as a whole, and no destruction of any structures is aloud.

2: Conquest. Conquest wars are only declared by one party against one other party. A conquest war can only be declared once every 3 weeks against a certain state, but the 3 week cooldown only includes declaring against one state specifically, and does not stack on other states. For example, if I declare Conquest against X and Y, then I can redeclare Conquest against both X and Y after 3 weeks. A Conquest war can only last for 2 weeks, and the terms and conditions of a peace treaty are decided by both states or independent towns. The war itself is simply attacking individuals in towns/states using pvp.

3: Formal-Breaking. Formal-Breaking wars are essentially formal standard wars, but battles are held at military bases, and victory conditions for the attacking side is both destroying the military base or its defenders, while the defenders win if they defeat their attackers. Conditions and victory rewards are organized the same way in Formal-Standard.

These are rough-draft rules, but they get the general point across. I’m open to suggestions for any features. Regarding new states and independent towns, there actually aren’t any. There are definitely new houses, but there’s nothing officially new just yet; however, the first railroad project has begun! It’s not being undertaken solely by any state, so it’s a good showcase of cooperation. It’s at the first mountain left of spawn.

To end this ramble off, I have a poll. Tell me which kinds of wars should be removed from the bunch, in case people don’t want any certain kinds or have concerns.

  • Formal-Standard
  • Conquest
  • Formal-Breaking
  • All of them are good/fine.

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Sorry if this was a tad bit of a rant, I hope it was a gold update!

P.S. I forgot the rules updates! In order to make sure players are good to each other, I have made respecting other players an official rule. I know, it should be an obvious courtesy regardless of rules. I also banned the sharing of links in chats so no one gets anything questionable on their devices, and I do know it’s not all bad, but it’s better to be careful. I also banned chat spamming and online dating, spamming because it can be toxic and dating because I don’t want anything to get too far. There are private worlds who permit for more, but Citystates is not meant for that.

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This seems more like an annoying inconvenience than anything else.

As for the poll, I cannot make up my mind.


Now that I think about it, your mention of the link rule holds merit. I’m going to remove it, thanks for the feedback!

Also, I changed the advertising rule so everyone can answer queries about certain kinds of servers so it’s more player friendly.

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That is great! :grinning:

A kind of war with both PVP and griefing would be spectacular (having both parties agree to go to war kind of seems weird, not to mention if one of the parties denies war). Sort of like a real life war.

Thanks! I can see why it’s weird that two of the three types of wars are based on two parties agreeing, but it’s more for the purpose of making the battles feel like real battles. When both armies know what’s going on, there will probably be more people in the fight as a whole, spicing things up if you will.

I also made sure to have Conquest war for the express purpose of more realistic battling, so people can use their military abilities to gain things in a more realistic manner.

Conquest wars don’t allow for griefing though.

Conquest wars are more about annexing than griefing. If you’re going to take a city, you’ll probably want to have the city’s resources to actually take. I get there’s no griefing, which does remove the formal aspect, but I am aiming for some level of protection of civilians land and homes when building, simply because it may make it more fun for others. I’ll see what I can do to make Conquest Wars more realistic.

What if you take the resources before griefing or what if there aren’t many resources to begin with?

A type of war that is essentially identical to Conquest wars but with griefing and an extremely long cooldown (when it comes to going to war with the opponent again) would be nice.

I really like the idea of a war with griefing and an extended cooldown! Regarding extended cooldown, is 2 months to 3 months a good length for you? Or is it more 1 months to 3 weeks in a sense?

Also, regarding griefing, do you mean just with military bases, or civilian property as well?

It all depends on your definition of “extremely long” and how long the war would actually last.

For the most part, both (all out war).

Maybe the defending side should have 24 hours (or maybe a bit longer, I don’t know) to prepare and announce stuff to civilians and such.

Alright, here’s the idea I’m picking up (with your assistance of course, thanks for all of the feedback!). An all out war that helps add realism to the server, makes civilian property impermanent to represent that realism, and ultimately heightens the stakes of conflict?

I’ll add it. For the time being, I’m going to call it Raid War, not after my name, but because it seems like it’s close to what someone may colloquially consider a raid in concept. It’ll be 40 days long at max, with a 75 day cooldown period. Griefing will be permitted on all structures, and it will be constant since it’s not based on a structure of organized battles.

Also, since this is a longer war, I’ll give the defending side 72 hours to prepare. I’ll also boost the limit to who this can be declared against to 2 week old states/independent-towns, since total annexation and looting might make it a lot harder to get back on your feet as a new state or town.

Cool beans! :smiley:

Does that include military bases?

Civilian property generally isn’t a military base, but all property will be up for destruction in this situation. If military bases were only destructible through consensual fighting, I could see states building up large swathes of power and influence that couldn’t be challenged.

Does that include the property of important people that are part of the defending side (the houses of government officials and the house of the leader, etc)?