Cloud world: Citystates

Definitely! Toppling a state, which is something necessary to permitting for change in certain situations, wouldn’t be completely possible if you couldn’t destroy government bases. Since a Raid war would be about both destruction and annexation, or whatever else, it would be counterproductive to the point of this style of conflict to shield them from conflict.

For example, it may be harder for a rebel group be successful in overthrowing a town or state if they couldn’t halt the governmental processes which uphold it.

Awesome! I cannot wait for Raid wars! :slight_smile:

I still think that this server should become a part of the Blockheads Connected Unions, but I digress.

How will you get many people to play on the server (especially at once) for these kinds of wars to actually happen?

Regarding my solutions to making these wars actually occur and stay occurring, one of the most important aspects I’ve tried to focus on is getting a consistent amount of players, or at the very least 1 or 2 on half of the time.

I’ve made a Discord (still under development, I’m sorry I forgot to post it here) which I’m letting people join in early. Since every war is essentially an announcement, since I admittedly don’t expect them to be commonplace, it seems to me that having both Discord, the forums, and the world itself to get the message out about conflicts would likely bring interested players in for the fun. Regarding general player populations necessary to start the beginning of these conflicts and general activities, we already have a few players who seem to enjoy the server as it is right now and tend to play consistently, which is really good for getting new players to join us and see what we have to offer.

So, to summarize that block of text, our community has been growing decently fast, making gaining new players who play consistently possible from random joining. Also, I can use external things such as Discord and the forums that individuals may be frequent to get the word out to everyone even if they’re not currently in the server. If this message is a little confusing, I’m more than willing to elaborate!

Regarding the Connected Unions, I have been thinking about it. I want to gather my ideas about sorting out the stuff of Raid Wars and melding it to the rules of the Connected Unions before joining.

Yeah, some elaboration would be nice. :grin:

Sure! By using Discord, I can help get players that are generally more casual to be interested in the functions of the world if it suits their idyllic activity, so that they might want to join more often for the events.

Regarding the community we have, the consistency of everyone who has been joining (which has been great!) has given Citystates more time as a server that’s available on random search for people who are looking for a server that suits what they’re looking for, meaning that new players tend to frequent Citystates more often.

Oh, and with the Connected Unions, I’ve been focusing on setting up wars first, then joining later.

Brilliant! I had something else to say, but I forgot it (and I don’t know if I will remember it again, but we will see about that). :sweat_smile:

I cannot wait for staff applications to open!

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Take your time! I hope that thought gets back to you, as this conversation has been really informative!

A note on staff applications, I’ll probably be sparing with who gets Admin. There are a few people who might, mainly because of my prior experience with them on servers, but Mod will probably be the standard for most staff members.

Wait, I remember now! :joy:

I personally think that light roughhousing should be allowed (like one side bickering with another side), but nothing too severe.

Good idea! I’ll make sure to clarify that.

The reason I implemented it was because certain people got snippy with individuals not sleeping or meditating, the people who weren’t sleeping or meditating were usually sailing.

Yeah, that is a bit silly. After all, there’s not much you can do about that.

Are there any notable active people who play in the server (especially people from this forum)?

Yeah, I just want to make sure people get a better understanding that certain occurrences just don’t necessitate certain responses, since I can see how it can be an honest mistake for some people who might think they have other intentions because they may have missed a few factors.

Regarding forum individuals, I’ve had two people join, but they joined either under alts or unlinked to any notable accounts, so I’ll leave it to them to state that if they want.

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Out of curiosity, where will you clarify that?

I’ll do it directly on the rule page real quick.

Oh, in the server topic or the welcome message?

Both, I just did it here but I’ll clarify it in the welcome message as well.

Note: It is now added.

Me? lol idk


Okay, that is good to know.

This 1 hour conversation was amazing! I had a ton of fun. In relation to Citystates, maybe we can have another conversation like this in the future. :relaxed:

Go for it! I’m glad to have had this, it definitely helped make the game systems better as a whole.

With all of the feedback and possible decisions I have shared, it feels really good knowing that you’ve influenced a server in a somewhat big way. :sweat_smile:


Greetings everyone, this isn’t a server update, but a link to the staff application!

If you would not like to use the form, you are welcome to send me your question answers through a private message on the forum. If you have questions or critique, you can ask publicly or privately.

Also, a note, I am always welcoming of server recommendations and criticism, so send away if you would like to do so.