Cloud World: CJ's Legacy

World Owner: Cactus Jack
Public Server 24/7 EST
Server Status: Open to the Public

This server requires the player to complete a set of trials in order to be free into the open world. Once complete, you are free to build anywhere and everywhere around the world.
Don’t be fooled, the trials are not easy :lol:

I’ve posted the rules in a spoiler below, please be sure to read and follow them
World Generation Settings
World Size: 1x
Oceans: Small Oceans
Temp: Warm
Plants: More Plants
Trees: More Trees
Terrain: Quite Flat
Lakes: More Lakes
Ore Quantity: Less
Ore Distribution: Small Veins
Gems: Less Gems
Treasure: Less Treasure

Variable World Settings
Health: Normal
Hunger: Normal
Happiness: Normal
Clothing Decay: Slower
Tool Decay: Faster
Death: No Regeneration
Max Blockheads: 5
Spawn Items:

  1. Basket
  2. Basket
  3. Basket
  4. Basket
  5. Basket
  6. Empty
  7. 1 spear

NPC Difficulty: Hard
Trade Portals: Everything Free
Day/Night Cycle: Faster
Sun Color: 0.8,0.6,0.7 (really pretty sunsets)
PvP is on!
General Rules:

  1. NO TOLERANCE for hacking or duping of any kind. Doing so will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN.
    If you get an unknown, get rid of it.
  2. No use of foul language. This includes using acronyms for cuss words. Do not spam. All names and pictures must be appropriate – No domain names or mail address names such as MAIL@BLARG.COM or BLAHBLARG.ORG, etc. Names need meanings!
  3. You will be BANNED for impersonating ANY staff member. Even saying you are related will result in a ban. Don’t try it.
  4. You must have a picture other than the default Blockheads one to prove you have read the rules. You will be kicked repeatedly until you read the rules. Banned if you don’t.
  5. ABSOLUTELY NO building near spawn, it will be clearly marked.
  6. No begging for items or Help. Our staff will not tolerate players who beg and constantly ask for items.
    Do not ask for admin or mod – If we see potential in you, we will consider it.
    However, ask and you may lose any opportunities. If you’re annoying, you will be banned. Don’t ask us to sleep or med.
  7. Absolutely NO Guiding or helping people through the trials. See TRIAL RULES for more information.
  8. DO NOT rapidly buy items at a TP dropping every item onto the ground and lagging us all. Make space first! You will be banned after a warning if you don’t.
  9. PvP is enabled. Attack at your own risk. Attacking staff will lead to you being hunted. Fair warning. Griefing is allowed on any building, meaning houses or other type of building, not pixel art, that is not protected. Please do not cause excessive lag with your griefing and please don’t destroy pixel art as we enjoy looking at people’s creations. You will be temporarily banned(1 day) if caught defacing or destroying any pixel art.
  10. You CANNOT return to spawn by teleporting. (See Trial Rules for exceptions) Unless your only blockhead died, you have no excuse. Spawning in additional blockheads can be achieved at another portal. Any additional blockheads spawned at spawn must also complete the trials or be killed off at spawn after you have escaped. Returning to spawn = BAN
  11. THERE WILL BE ZERO (0) TOLERANCE for players that exploit glitches to their advantage. Doing so will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN.
  12. All instructions given by the staff must be followed. Failure to do so can/will result in a kick or ban.
  13. No advertising servers.
  14. Please do not pet my scorpions. If you do, you’ll be kicked. Thank you. Any rule breakers? Use the “report” button when no staff is on!
  15. Do not, under any circumstances guide or help anyone who is attempting the trials. This includes: telling them directions, giving them food, telling them colors, codes or advice, reacting verbally to a players decision and lastly, telling players how many trials there are. Doing so will result in a ban. Zero tolerance.
  16. Teleporting back to spawn if you get stuck in the trials is the only exception to teleporting back there. Otherwise you have no excuse.
  17. Saying the color for the 3rd trial will result in you being banned. Don’t ruin the trials for other players.
  18. Using the ‘pause method’ to get through tough sections of the trials is OK. Although unnecessary. Using the ‘Going away’ method while attempting the trials will result in you being banned. Don’t try it.
  19. Please follow the signs that have been posted throughout the trials explicitly. They’re there to help you. Ask if you have a question about what it is asking of you.
  20. After completing the trials, please continue to the RIGHT to the Hall of Freedom to be properly honored.
  21. If you do get stuck, and you likely will, please don’t ask to be freed or helped. You’re beyond help at that point.
  22. Most of all, HAVE FUN!
    –Once you’ve completed the trials you are permitted to build anything, anywhere (except directly near spawn), the only building rule is please make your building passable so no one has to climb over your build–
    Report rule breaking using the report button!
    Questions, comments, concerns can be sent to [cactusjack123456 at gmail dot com]

Ooooh! The spawn looks amazing!!

Can’t wait to try the challenges!!

Oh MAN! Just when I’m about to take a Sabbatical… you’re pulling me back in!!!

I’ve gotta try this. Well, I guess it’s not technically summer yet :wink:

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I’ll see you in there skeeve! And I’ll expect a full objective report after you trek through :smiley:

Better get prepared for those jaw-dropping trials then, hehe.

I’m intrigued, but as a relative noob (I’ve only been playing since January, and only on a limited number of worlds mostly with the same group of people) I must admit I don’t know the difference between the “Pause method” and the “Going Away method”… I know I used one of them once, but I don’t know which it was considered to be, so I’m a little worried I might use the wrong one not knowing it’s the wrong one and wind up banned.

Is there a good source for understanding these different methods?

As far as I can tell, the pause method is pressing the pause button to avoid attacks, and going away is leaving the game entirely.

Ooh, another server that seems fun to check out… I shall make one ( or more if i fail in some horrible way ) atempt at those challenges when i can :slight_smile:

So far, it’s fantastic CJ!

I felt like I had to use the Pause trick with the scorpions - or just bring with me tons and tons of food.
The lava was great - died the first time just as I reached the end of the lava path! I easily passed thru the 2nd attempt, but then died at the ice torches. I’ll be trying again soon, this time I think I have a plan.

Very well planned out challenge - must have taken you at least a month! :slight_smile:

Actually, surprisingly enough the server got put together pretty quick, the server was created May 24th, I just had some spare time and powered through. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Plenty of tricky parts are still ahead of you :smiley:

Some of the pixel art already done on this server is stunning!! Can’t wait to open one of the biggest Clothes&GO here after im done with school!!!

can you bring me some clothes already?? I had a supply of leather… and died! Am enjoying the world lots…

Bad server due to the lack of help of any kind , you can be banned for having multiple devices and are not allowed to communicate with newer players about what they are up against. If you manage to make it through the trials often times someone will kill you immediately afterwards leading you to have to restart with no compensation.

The lack of help is meant to be a challenge. It’s quite fun to just go into a maze and test your skills. As far as I know, you won’t be banned for multiple devices, but you just can’t help the other devices. You can’t communicate with newer players so they can go through it by themselves and prove themselves. If you make it through the trials, there should be multiple areas you can teleport to if you happen to be killed, which shouldn’t be the case if you take advantage of the free trade portal prices.

The problem is I am having a minor error every time I attempt to get free time crystals to warp back meaning I have gotten to that point multiple times over with the same result, having to restart from the last trial

You mean your blockhead got stuck somewhere?
If your blockhead dies, it won’t cost any TC’s to warp in a new one.

Anyway, CJ’s legacy is a puzzle server. The prohibition on getting help and the possibility of another player attacking you is all part of the challenge. I made it through after about 4 tries - actually more than that if you count the “Color Trials” which you only have a 1-in-8 chance of nailing on the first try. That took me about 4 more tries.

I’m not sure if this counts as a tip, but the rules mention that “pausing” is allowed. This allows you to temporarily escape damage. Although it is not necessary, I found it to be very useful for preserving food.

The only person who was banned for having multiple devices was someone who cheated, I myself play with multiple devices on the server so please don’t bad mouth the server when you are incorrect.
As far as not helping, the point of the trials is to prove you should be free and essentially be a noob filter. Once you’re out of the trials completely if you die with your only blockhead you can teleport out of spawn into the winners garden.
Pm me if you have any other troubles
EDIT: also, no where in the rules does it say you can’t communicate with new players, you just can’t help or discuss tips on how to complete the trials, that’s all!

Weegee’s problem was that he finished trial#3 with no more food left. And he did not want to die and tp to the checkpoint again, as that costs TC. He did not understand how having not enough food left for the rest of the trials means FAILURE.
But he certainly has a point about the killing right after the exit. CJ, if a player is attacked by a killer before he reaches the winners garden for the first time, that’s really bad (for obvious reasons). You should outlaw it.

They shouldn’t be able to get back into the last part anymore so that shouldn’t be a problem, as I made the door a one wayer last week… If you see someone ‘camping’ by the door just tell them to move
Also I’ve added doors in the ‘waiting room’ to prevent people from killing eachother. Whether they take advantage of those doors is up to them lol

So I just surfaced a cave troll! Can anyone help me find a better place for it as of now it’s in the windmill