Cloud world: Georgie's watch

This server is a public server that is open 24/7 designed for the experienced player who prefers to craft rather than rely on trade portals.

My welcome message reads as

Welcome to Georgie’s watch where anything I say goes!

This is a survival server. You will need to make everything yourself. I will not give out handouts so don’t bother asking.


Failure to respond to my requests will result in ban. You switch your chat off that’s not my fault.

No duping or hacks!!

  1. Greifing is allowed

  2. No foul language or obscene pictures or usernames.

  3. No admins or mods except owner so don’t bother asking

  4. Draining an ocean or Causing lag will result in a ban

  5. No portal chests or trade portals left on display. I will remove any I see and will not return them to you. But you may keep them on your person.

  6. Empty shops left for more than a week shall be removed and not returned to you.

  7. Strictly no begging

  8. No building near spawn or in the water surrounding it

This server is amazing. I especially like the fast moving floating isles. Unfortunately one of them collided with my sky factory and caused some damage…

That’s a brilliant picture!! After I remove a mountain back drop I will be doing pixel art again

Our first diamond tree discovered in our world discovered by Gilles.

This is the first pixel art of the server. I thought I would start with something simple

And just for size perspective against a floating island

Holy smoke!!! I love ur pixel art! I still haven’t got around to doing any… Still doing circles!! LOL. Too funny, the ‘moving floating islands’ crashing into GILLES build… :smiley:

Aaaahhh my base is under attack!!!

With all the down time going on between New Coaldust and SGE, I’ve been exploring Georgie’s Watch a bit and lookee what I found:

A gorgeous Diamond Tree! With 4 Diamonds below it!
Location: 245 TC Right of Spawn and pretty high up.

Not bad for a Dimwit Flathead!

That’s awesome, Skeeve! Love diamond trees!
I haven’t made it past the ocean yet, lol. No boats to buy, but a kindly player sprinkled a few on the water for us to use. :smiley: