Cloud World: Jungle Survivor (by Skeeve's Daughter!)

Hello everyone, my daughter, Adriana, has just begun her very first server!

It’s called Jungle Survivor and it’s one of the very few 1/4x worlds out there.
It’s a tough survival world, but it is lush with vegetation.
Here are the custom settings:

World Generation Settings
World Size: 1/4x (It’s small but not too tiny!)
SEED: Jungle
Oceans: Small Oceans
Temp: Very Hot (and presumably humid!)
Rainfall: Wet
Plants: More Plants
Trees: More Trees
Terrain: Quite Flat
Ore Quantity: Less
Ore Distribution: Small Veins
Gems: Less Gems
Treasure: Less Treasure

Variable World Settings
Health: One Hit Kill (Adri took a page from the book of Skeeve on this one!)
Hunger: Normal
Happiness: Happier
Clothing Decay: Slower
Tool Decay: Faster
Death: Instant (no regen)
Max Blockheads: 5
Spawn Items:
[/li][li]10 sticks
[/li][li]7 vines
[/li][li]4 Sunflower Seeds
[/li][li]3 Flax Seeds
[/li][li]3 Mangoes
[/li][li]4 Worms
NPC Difficulty: Hard
Trade Portals: Normal
Day/Night Cycle: Faster
Sun Color: 1.0/2.0/1.0 (kinda greenish)
PvP is on!

The Rules are still in development but here are some obvious basics:

  1. No duping, hacking, cheating, as with any of her Daddy’s servers.
  2. No foul language, spam, obscene pics or avatars. G-rated and family friendly.
  3. Griefing is allowed for now. No protection signs at first. Later maybe if the server is populated.

Flint exists but is very rare.
Same for clay
Plenty of food everywhere, but so are dropbears.
Unlike SGC, trade portals are enabled.

Adri is running this world, but I have access to her owners portal and will respond to any reports. Also, the SGE and SGC blacklists will be copied over to here, so if you find yourself banned, you may PM me and I’ll consider allowing you on if the offense was not too grievous.


Oh boy oh boy! Can’t wait to join this awesome sounding server!!!

Sweet. I’ll check it out.

Cool! Adri was so excited to see people online this morning.
I must admit, there’s a certain thrill about starting over again. I am participating on about 4-5 worlds right now just trying to carve out a niche for myself. Gonna try not to neglect my own servers though!

wow cool very exicited

Gaaaah, I really, really, really shouldn’t.

But it sounds cool and very tempting.

I’m happy to announce that Jungle Survivor has become quite popular - it is now, unbelievably, the #2 Ranked Server on!!!

We are about 80 votes behind Starlight Skies, but we used to be 150 votes behind.


Let’s do it!!

Too make things extra fun, I am going to be running the Message Bot during Mon-Friday work hours whenever possible.

im trying to find some bases, anyone willing to sell locations?

Hi guys,
I haven’t been on blockheads for most of the weekend as I had a lot of spring chores to catch up on. Mowed the lawn for the first time this year - did some cleanup, and even had time to take a hike in the nearby woods with my daughter. (Ya gotta get out in the fresh air sometimes!)

I should be back into things on and off this week.
Hopefully Taipei 101 hasn’t been griefed so I can get back to building it. If it has - well, I guess I can’t do anything about it, as griefing is allowed, but I’ll be rather sad. :cry:

What’s taipei 101

Well, I’m glad you asked!
Taipei 101 is currently the 6th tallest building in the world. Located in Taipei, Taiwan. I think it briefly had the role of #1 when it was built.
Since my wife is from Taiwan, and all her relatives are in Taipei, we have been there about 6 times. (Not to the skyscraper - I mean the city mainly).

The slight angle of the building and windows makes you experience a little vertigo as you look straight down to the sidewalk below. It’s pretty cool. Also, Taipei 101 has a tuned mass dampener. It is a huge iron ball weighing hundreds of tons, suspended near the top of the building. It counters the swaying motion caused by wind and earthquakes.

It looks like this:

And my Blockheads version of it looks like this, although I’m not quite finished yet:

I am using a special mix of Green Paint: 2 Emerald Green + 1 Ultramarine Blue.
This is the closest color I could get to the actual color of the building.

And multiple 1000’s of windows… wow. (I’m not crafting them, I’m just buying them)

A well executed build, Skeeve.
But you will be in trouble once a smart griefer gets into your Taipeh 101 and cuts the suspension of that iron ball…

Physics don’t apply to blockheads… Do they?

Ah so that’s what the greenhouse looking building is. I just thought someone was going to make a layered farm

Haha, glad you found your way to the Jungle, Georgie! :slight_smile:
I let my daughter know and she’s glad you arrived.

@Ronnie: Hmm… perhaps Blockheads needs to have a “wrecking ball” vehicle added.

So many ducks in the server…

Ducks? Theres no ducks…

you have not been online for a long time if you dont know what im talking about

any its fun watching people raid your base

Why did you make two accounts? You’re UnholyCrusader and you already have a forums account…

Smeegs is right Bun-Ducky. Multiple forum accounts are against forum rules.
Just tell Milla to merge them for you.