Cloud World: Kepler-186f

Hey guys! Smeegle here! I have finally finished making my first server featuring a challenging maze at spawn! The idea of this server was inspired by Skeeve’s Mars Base!

When you spawn, you will be in a maze. Escape the maze to have a sector assigned! :cheerful:

Name: Kepler-186f
Server Status: PUBLIC!
SIZE: 4x
Please read the rules :smiley:
Server Link: ​

Scenario: [/B][/U]
We are in the year 2601. The Earth we’ve known for 4.543 billion years has been destroyed by an asteroid and can no longer sustain life. With the advanced technology we had back on Earth, scientist were able to design a ship to transport the 7.4 billion humans onto a new planet called Kepler-186f. Kepler-186f is about 490 light-years away and is an exoplanet orbiting the red dwarf Kepler-186.

Please Read The Welcome Message: Failure To Read The Rules Will Result In A Ban!

General Rules:

  1. NO TOLERANCE for players that bring in any hacked, duplicated or anomalous items such as unknowns or super shops. No items are to be brought in if they were purchased from a Hacked Trade Portal. Doing so will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN. If you get an unknown, get rid of it. Hacking= USERNAME+IP SENT TO SUPPORT.

  2. No use of foul language. Do not spam. All names and pictures must be appropriate – No non-standard symbols allowed! This means NO TC, GC, CC, PLC or BH symbols in names! No gibberish names such as #$&Q, LLSYAFSBA, @$&@GSU@ or 123127fg. Names need meanings!

  3. You will be BANNED for impersonating ANY staff member. Even saying you are related will result in a ban. Don’t try it.

  4. You must have a picture other than the default Blockheads one to prove you have read the rules. You will be kicked repeatedly until you read the rules. Banned if you don’t.

5.ABSOLUTELY NO building outside of your sector within 200 TCs right or left of spawn. You can however explore mines and explore sky islands. If you want to build freely, you will have to pass the 200TCs marker. Anything built within 200TCs will be confiscated. You will know you past 200TCs when you see a “200” made of blocks.

  1. No begging for items. Our staff will not tolerate players who beg and constantly ask for items. Do not ask for admin or mod – If we see potential in you, we will consider it. However, ask and you may lose any opportunities. If you’re annoying, you will be banned. Don’t ask us to sleep or med - we are busy.

  2. No sharing of Portal Chests. Make one yourself at the diamond portal in the public sector.

  3. DO NOT rapidly sell or buy items at a TP dropping every item onto the ground and lagging us all. Make space first! You will be banned after a warning if you don’t.

  4. PvP is enabled. You can engage in battles that were agreed upon. NO attacking players for no reasons> Stop means STOP.

  5. You CANNOT return to spawn maze by teleporting. Unless you died or you made a new Blockhead, you have no excuse. Returning to spawn maze= BAN

  6. THERE WILL BE ZERO (0) TOLERANCE for players that exploit glitches to their advantage. Doing so will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN.

  7. All instructions given by the staff must be followed. Failure to do so can/will result in a kick or ban.


  9. No advertising servers.

Any rule breakers? Use the “report” button when no staff is on!


  1. Wait out till daytime so scorpions don’t bite!

  2. Collect food and get ready for the rest of the maze!

  3. Do not teleport for quick exit.

Sector Rules:

  1. After escaping the maze, you have a choice to either be assigned a sector or free-build past 200TCs or do BOTH! Please be patient and give the admins some time to find you the right sector. You may choose if you want it left or right of spawn.

  2. Escaping maze will permit you to own 1 sector, however, you get can get 1-3 sectors attached if you make a portal chest and show It to an admin.

  3. Building a wall around your sector is REQUIRED!

  4. Make sure your sector does not block players from getting to their sector(s). Use doors and trapdoors! Your sector MUST be easy to pass through. Otherwise, we will do it for you and leave a ban warning.

  5. No regular portals in sectors they are unnecessary and cause lag. Trade portals are allowed.

  6. Make your sectors unique, special and good looking! Stuck on what to add into your sector? Why not make yourself a big fancy home, a shop of any kind and even some paintings!

**Ownership Signs: **
This applies to every player who decides to build further than 200 TCs right or left of spawn.

  1. Ownership sign materials (3 gold ingot and 1 sign) must be provided to the admin to place if you would like one placed.

  2. Please be patient! We are very busy and sometimes unable to get you quickly! We will get there when we can!

Owner Contact Email for Ban Appeals/Concerns or Questions:
Official updates and edits have been made to the official welcome page in-game

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**Admin List: **
gary gabelich
toad toast
Silicon Mage

**Mod List: **
maze tester
little hobo

is it whitelisted?

It’ll be public when it opens.

Server is public

First player has landed :slight_smile:

I’m still banned from breaking in…

I’ll unban you when I can get on.

Edit: NVM Smeegle did it :stuck_out_tongue:

Unbanned Mega xD

Ooh I am joining. I will have to change my name though, it has • in it. Idk of that counts as a non standard symbol.

Edit: is it not open yet ;-;
Edit: nvm :b

Yes, that counts a non standard symbol. Sorry!!

You might see me there :b

I was so sad when that person took my baskets…D:

I have escaped from the maze and made a portal chest if u want I can show you . can u build my sector thanks ! :slight_smile::slight_smile:

What is your IGN Pranavs?

I escaped the maze :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job Dark!!
Ask an admin when you are on for a sector or sectors depending on if you made a PC :smiley:

My ign is nobitaman​:blush::blush:

Sorry about that! Maybe dying over and over at spawn for oranges wasnt that great of an idea hehe

The few minutes it takes are worth it, though (even if I’m not out of the maze yet). I would never have survived the ice torches without the fruit.