Cloud world: Miner Matters



Busy working in a wonderful challenging server and keep running out of Time Crystals? This is the place to stock up. Expert mode worlds have lots of TC blocks, so grab a jetpack, a diamond pick, and start collecting!


Do not build near the North Pole.

All wild dodos and all eggs must be completely removed from dodo farms before logging off. All dodo farms must be located indoors.

No: asking for or sharing personal information, role plays, hacking, duping, hacked or duped items, unknowns, supershops, cheating of any kind, offensive language - chat - igns - names - pics, dating, spam, advertising, invisible characters in ign, default pic, malicious griefing, political or religious discussions.

Please respect staff.

Please use appropriate words as your ign, not a random string of numbers, letters or symbols.

Mods and admins may use their own discretion as to bans, but the bans may be reviewed by the owner.


Everyone has their own way of doing things, so these tips will be things things that I find helpful to get to those Tc blocks quickly. It doesn’t mean this is the only way or the best way, it’s just one way.

Equipment list:

Diamond portal (To leave in the cave you’re currently mining in if you decide to go back to main base or somewhere, so you can get back to mining quickly. On a 16x world you can waste a lot of time just flying back and forth if you don’t leave a diamond portal.)
Fully upgraded trade portal (to sell titanium at and buy mining supplies)
Diamond pickaxe (self explanatory lol)
Steel or titanium Pickaxe (so you don’t waste the diamond one)
Fully upgraded tool bench (so you can make more titanium picks since they are super expensive to buy)
Electric furnace (to smelt titanium ore into ingots)
Electric metalwork bench (to make titanium blocks to sell once you find a really good trade portal, or you can sell them back at spawn)
Electric power generator (to run your benches)
Five wooden chests ( it’s easier to have separate chests for titanium ore, food supplies, and lights, plus a couple extra for whatever.)
Two safes (I keep special items in the safes, such as extra jetpacks, fuel, etc. That way I don’t have to search through my chests to find them.)
Two or three stacks of fuel (fuel lasts surprisingly well in caves, so that will be enough to last until you find titanium to sell so you can buy more.)
Three stacks of lights (Lights get used up really fast, be prepared to buy them fairly often. I prefer to buy steel lanterns as soon as I can afford them. On expert worlds there really is enough titanium to afford them if you keep an eye out as you fly through the caves. Or you can mine the platinum and sell it for lights, I do that at first until I’ve built up a good stock of titanium.)
Thirty or forty gold spades (If you mine the titanium with the gold spades you get about twice as much as using a diamond pick. Or if you mine it with gold spade and leave the last couple of hits for diamond pick, you average about three times as much as just using diamond pick. After I’ve built up a good stock I don’t bother with the gold spades anymore, since they’re more time consuming.)
Stack of coffee (self explanatory)
Gold bed(for when you don’t feel like drinking coffee)
Stack of preferred food. Bh get hungry fast in expert mode. Carrying extra food in a chest is a good idea just in case you don’t have the funds to buy it when your bh is starving.)

Mining tips

Never teleport or leave the server immediately after picking up chests, safes, portals, trade portals, or other items. The game may not have time to register them and they will be lost forever. Wait a few seconds so that you won’t lose them.

To avoid losing items in glitches, never carry portals or trade portals in safes or chests, keep them in your inventory. It’s too easy to lose them if your chest glitches. Don’t carry all your good stuff in the same basket, spread it out between baskets, and make sure you’re not carrying chests or safes in the same basket as your portal or your trade portal.

Grab any titanium you see, but don’t waste a lot of time digging around looking for it. You will come across enough just flying through the caves or digging your way to new caves.

Don’t try to find all the caves in any given area, that involves too much backtracking. Just keep on going, any missed caves will be found by other players later.

Mine in troll country to find yourself a good troll portal, but always carry blocks in your inventory to block off the troll, and food to restore health in case you’re hit.

Collect any gems you come across, they will be handy for upgrades.

Don’t get sidetracked by all the gold. It’s time consuming to mine and smelt, and not needed since you will find enough titanium.

Have fun finding all those Tc blocks, and don’t be afraid to use your tc at first as you’re upgrading portals etc. You will get it back quickly once you’re fully equipped to mine effectively.

Keep an eye on your fuel and your hunger bar.

Keep bh in trade portals unless you’re actively using them at the time. They die too quickly when left unattended.



TC mining world!!!

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It’s all ready to go, drop in and get your supplies while I’m still online. :slight_smile:

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I probably will later! Busy day haha

Why can’t we build near the North Pole?

Because it glitches


I had to put my tablet down to take care of an emergency Irl, and of course my bh died miles and miles and miles away from base. I was carrying my fully upgraded tp and diamond portal and gold bed, and wearing my only pole item.

It all despawned except the happiness skirt which continues to spin and laugh at me, lol.

oops! sounds like something that would happen in Iarnia

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Sorry, i agree with most of these rules but what is an unknown?

Hahahaha yes you’re quite right. It took me a while to recoup my losses but I’ve mined enough tc to get the tp and portal back, and I got some titanium but not as much as I spent yet. I’ve travelled almost back to where I was. So things are looking up. :slight_smile:

@Chi_Chi it’s a weird glitched item that appears in your inventory sometimes as a result of lag, at the same time as deleting whatever was in your basket. it can cause problems in servers, such as making more unknowns appear which means you lose more items, or other problems.

So if someone accidentally gets one, I want them to either drop them in lava or else drop it in a hole and block the hole and let it despawn,

And of course I do not want anyone to purposely try to get them. Just don’t want the problems they can cause, nor do I want to debate about whether or not they do cause problems. That’s why I have that rule, :slight_smile:


So basically a hacked item?

I think sometimes it may be hacked but sometimes it appears simply as a result of lag.

If someone accidentally gets an unknown through lag and no fault of their own, what would happen?

K nvm

It’ll be 2021 before I manage to get a jetpack in this server lol

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I since it’s a server specializing in mining for tc, not working hard at advancing, I give players a jetpack and a diamond pick if they are online while I’m there. So should be a bit sooner than 2021. :slight_smile:

For obvious reasons my tc count keeps getting lowered again lol, but I’m managing to keep up with providing diamond picks. And I found jets on at a super good price so I stocked up a bit. Keeping up with lights and fuel is a bit more work.

Just found these twins, I’m glad one has a tp. I will have a few tps in a bit to share with miners. :smiley:

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I can help make some diamond pickaxes if you give me the diamonds for it. Not sure how you have so many diamonds on a expert survival server but I can contribute some TC lol

It’s not a custom world, since there would be no tc blocks in a custom world. That means trade portals are normal. So after I got enough diamonds to upgrade a trade portal, I just bought diamonds.

The fastest way to mine tc blocks is to take a fully upgraded trade portal with you, and mine any titanium you come across to sell for coins. Then you just buy whatever supplies you need as you go. You also take a diamond portal with you to leave when you teleport back to base, so you can return to your mining spot without flying for half a day rl.

I keep at least one bh at the main base to craft ingots and blocks while I’m mining for tc and titanium, and I upgrade any troll portals I find, looking for troll portals at which I can sell titanium blocks at a high price. It’s rare, but I’ve found one which is at main base, another which I lost when I died, and one more finally to replace the lost one.

This means I have a few extra trade portals for trusted players to use. Currently I have three extra. And 1841 tc because I keep spending it on fast upgrading benches, on diamond picks, and on trade portals and portals. But now that I’m all set up I should start wracking up tc. If I don’t leave my bh unattended again so that she dies lol. That’s another reason why taking a tp with you when mining is good, your bh can hop into it and stay safe.

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That’s actually super brilliant! I never would’ve thought to hop in a TP to avoid dying xD

It works when you remember to do it. :joy:
I forgot to reserve the second post for tips on Tc mining, so I will have to add the tips section onto the first post, once I get around to writing it. I will probably just write it a bit at a time and add to it as I remember stuff or as other players remind me.

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I’ve added equipment list and mining tips to the original post. I will add other points if needed.

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