Cloud world: Moonlight lanterns

Moonlight lanterns is a new cloud server I made. It doesn’t really have a theme. Except a war day on Saturdays (English time) PvP is aloud on war days but NOT greifing. More information on the rules below

Welcome to Moonlight Lanterns!

1a) NO griefing if you are caught griefing you will be banned instantly!
1b) Only break blocks with an admins permission
1c) Do not build off someone else’s house without their permission. If they say no and you do it anyway they are allowed to destroy what you built but must give back the blocks if you ask for them

1d) don’t build at spawn, when I reconstruct spawn All buildings near it will be destroyed and I can’t promise to give all the things inside your house back 2a) If you see a gem tree do not destroy it as they are very useful
2b) Do not place chests, shops portal chests and trade portals In someone’s house without removing them before you log off

2c) Do not leave items around spawn as admins will remove them

2d) you are NOT allowed to steal from shelves or chests. If a admin or mod see’s you in someone’s chest without their permission then you will be banned straight away

  1. PvP IS aloud. On these terms:

A) you can NOT attack a player for no reason. Doing this will result in a kick. And if you continue you will be banned
B) If the player your attacking and or a admin tells you to stop you MUST
C) Every Saturday we will allow you to kill anyone you want and you won’t be banned. But please try to avoid attacking newbies as they don’t have any gear. If they attack you. You may attack them back

  1. Do NOT curse, be rude or misuse the name of God on any circumstances! If you do witness any of this while a admin or mod is not online hit the report button and don’t communicate with them

  2. NEVER dupe, bring in duped items, hack, cheat or bring in unknowns. If you are spotted with any of these items you will be banned. We do not accept ‘my friend gave them to me’ as that is a lame excuse

  3. Do add credit ����

  4. Do have fun!

  5. DO NOT beg! I will ban you!

  6. never ask to be admin or mod. If I feel that you deserve it I will promote you

10)This server is troll friendly! You can kill ONLY the trolls your find! If I see anyone killing a troll that isn’t theirs I will ban them!

If you have any problems with a player hit the report button. I get notified! If you want to contact me about being banned feel free to PM alice311/21 on

the server is run 24/7 if there is any changes to that I will post it


The real rob

Cool guy 3

Please read the rules for this forum and update your originating post appropriately.

Is this a cloud world or a server world? What are the rules? Who are the staff? What is the theme/goal? What is the world’s operating hours (UTC/GMT)?

sorry milla. i dont check posts very often. i changed it, tell me if there is any more problems

Hello XD

Hello…it’s me promiser

It’s me promiser

Hi Promiser… Welcome to the forums.

Welcome page has been changed from original post… But still kind of along the lines of what’s there… Be sure to read welcome page… Of ANY world u go to.

@milla, do we need to change the original post if the world welcome page has changed?

Troll Zoo under South Pole with 6 trolls trying to escape their compounds.


hahahah awwww sooooo cuuuuuuteee [emoji13][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji106]🏻[emoji106]🏻[emoji106]🏻

And now, thanks to the chart on the forum, we have paint to decorate with too… Yay!


That’s amazing asyc, how far from spawn is it?


@Mal, hope you can visit soon

@Caron, thanks so much for the paint! So many shades of blue :slight_smile:

@alice, it’s 600 TC left of spawn.
Hope to see you at the rail connection party! Details are on banner at spawn workshop.

I moost cume tu thus awsayme servaaarrrrr!!!

What is your in game name?

Soulblaze X, but don’t worry, I’ve been banned for unknown reasons, here’s what I did.

I crafted a portal chest, and the portal chest had a portal chest in it. I randomly gave one to somebody and then the admins told me I did something wrong… Then


I’m banned

Well, the party is today, and I’m still banned for no good reason… Do any admins even read this thread?

If so, please explain why I got banned

i can have them dredge up the logs.

your banning was explained.
if you want to appeal admins then do so.

but do not act as if you are clueless.

I didn’t understand the explanation

@soulblaze X rules says to make your own pc. you shared pc with hotgirl? i forgot anyways
jimmy had informed you bout it when you were giving out the pc and also i informed you prior to banning
I referred the matter to admins of ML regarding your banning.

i suggest pm admins of this world if you wish to appeal your ban.

I am just so impressed with the paint​:two_hearts::two_hearts:

Here are a few snapshots of the world map:


South Pole

North Pole

Rob’s Treehouse

Rob’s Village

Many thanks to Bibliophile for writing and making the BH-WorldMapper program available!