Cloud world: Oublieto

New Expert Semi-Hardcore survival Server. When you join, you are able to pick out a “starter kit” from a small range of kits. They should help you have a sort of skill when you spawn in allowing some co-operative play if you join forces with other players. The server has a focus on a barebones player based economy. Spawn also has everything needed to make a workbench and other early game items but is relatively bare-bones. The server was designed to make every item you get valuable, and to encourage player co-operation.

Short List of Custom Game Rules:

Expert Mode
Very Wet
Trade Portals Jobs Only
No Regeneration
Less Resources In General
Darker Skies
Slower Day/Night
Meditation Enabled

Short version of the rules:

  • No Cheating
  • Do not grief or attacking players at spawn
  • Do not create toxicity & keep chat and builds to PG/PG-13
  • Trade Portals set to Jobs Only
  • No Safes/ No Personal Sluices / No Personal Solar Panels
  • Limit of ONE cabinet without any other containers
  • No Iron (Doors/Trapdoors)/Blocked Off Storage/Healing Pools
  • Don’t be a butt

Time Zone im In: Central Daylight Time
Should be up for at least a year hopefully more.

I’d also like to add there will be events and quests for you to do, allowing for some extra ways to gems, materials, and other rare items that allow everyone to progress but slowly. The more progression the server has and general and the more players it has, the better rewards and events will happen.
Enjoy your stay if you do join! :smiley:
Hopefully a expert challenge you can play with other people and not to grueling but hard enough.


The limitations of this server will make for an interesting challenge. Count me in!

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Been waiting for a new server like this to show up