Cloud world: Pink Mist


Smokey here, back on blockheads with a new (ish) world!
Pink Mist is a survival server where only the strong can survive but only the clever can thrive. Will you be strong and smart enough to beat all your opponents and dominate the server?
Banned items: titanium armour, freight cars, safes or cabinets, sluices, jet packs, rainbow unicorns and dodo evolving
-no causing lag
-pausing is only acceptable in spawn area
-no large-scale portal protection of bases/items
-if a drop hole is made it must be fixed after
-no leaving in a pvp situation to prevent death
-no hacking, glitching, duplicating or cheating in any way
-no advertisements
-no swearing, discrimating or petty/immature words
Staffing: this server is a survival and pvp server. On this server there are no active admins so that everyone has equal chances, however if an admin needs to be involved, you can alert a mod
Oaths: oaths can be made by anyone, to anyone and breaking them results in banning. Proof is needed, such as a screenshot of the player agreeing to the oath. It is a choice on both parts.
Will you dare the treacherous drop at the start of your journey? Can you handle enemy players with ease? Do you enjoy survival servers? Then Pink Mist is the place for you! We have a great community here with players varying from experienced to inexperienced! We already have teams forming and rising to become the greatest - the only question is what part will you have in them?

With great competition and many players jostling for resources, only the strong can survive but only the clever can thrive!


looks awesome! will defo check out


The name reminds me of the pink mist on grey’s anatomy.

I’ll try to check it out later. Seems like a good server. :slight_smile:


Cool :slight_smile:

Could you please edit the first post to have the rules in text? Also the first paragraph of the WM. I want people to be able to search this forum for keywords in the rules and description, and they can’t if you just post screenshots.


Will definitely join!


I got the idea for the name after reading the poem ‘pink mist’ by Owen Sheers! Check it out it’s really interesting! :wink:


I love this world!


Thank you very much!