Cloud world: Pirate Cove

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Server Information

Pirate Cove is a pvp-based server where you are allowed to shape the world into whatever you want. The only restrictions are ones to keep it appropriate to players of all ages and to make sure nobody is considered “invincible.” Over the course of history, civilizations have risen and fallen. Will you attempt to set up a government or work by yourself? Will you be a warlord or peaceful nomad? Whatever you do is up to you.


:hotsprings:️Do not pause or disconnect to avoid pvp.
:hotsprings:️No safes, cabinets or storing items in shops publicly! (How will people loot you?)
:hotsprings:️Do not store items in portal chests for safekeeping!
:hotsprings:️No swearing or spamming!
:hotsprings:️No obscene pictures!
:hotsprings:️Do not bring in duplicated items and/or perform glitches!
️♨️If a player is breaking the rules, report them! We get notified!
:hotsprings:️Do not use ownership signs!
:hotsprings:️If you need to pause for any reason, you must say why in chat.
:hotsprings:️You are only allowed to have one account!

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All the best! :slight_smile:

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Shiver me timbers!!! Plunder em and send em to davy jones’ locker

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Thanks fifth! Jonathan, I’ll do my best!

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Wheres the ip and port?

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It’s a cloud server.

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As yacht said its a cloud server, so if youd like to connect open up blockheads then go join world/advanced/search and type in the name

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Please ban austinporto.

Pineapple, could you tell me what he did? I wouldn’t care to ban someone just because another person said. (It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that if I make one exemptikn I’ll have to make more.)

He cursed with the F word even when I said stop and was a bad sport when I killed him.

I saw in chat… He was banned. I’ll mod ya right now too. In case you need to use your powers any more.

Want to start a team?


Sure, CockRoach! Shall we be the Erudite team-Using brain and manipulation instead of brawn, or the Pineroach team, accepting members?

Your choice!

P-n-e-u (Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is my einy meiny miny moe.)


Notice: Trespassers on the Isle of the Atlantean Navy will be executed! We do not believe in prosecution!

You scared me so much T.J… Isn’t pvp not allowed inside the steel?

That’s YOUR team? Or is that something else 0_0

I’m pretty sure it is cockroach. Should be anyways. And pineapple, that’s my team.

Okay then, Mr. Teleport into spawn and try to kill me. :wink: