Cloud world: Pirate Cove


I’ll go ask a few of em. If it checks out, I’ll make sure you get unbanned. Also, sorry for being so inactive (again). Marching band is really time-consuming and I’ve been having a lot of fun on piano. UP has some really funky chords, FYI. I also have about an hour of homework every night… Grr…


OK thank you


So what’s the verdict?


Nobody seems to know anything… There are a few people left to ask.


What’s your in-game-name?


NESTEA asked you to stop, and you didn’t. Please stop now.




Just ask them anything about me, I’m nice and have never disobeyed any of the rules… I was banned for doing nothing basically


Sure:) Just sit tight and wait, we need to talk with all the staff to find out who banned you, etc.


Can u put on here when I get unbanned


I’m sure I could do that. :slight_smile:


Got any good news yet?


You should be off the blacklist. I think.


Thank you

I’m still banned: (


I unbanned you again.

Try again. :stuck_out_tongue:


With the fact that we have two servers, I might be placing everything here. Or starting a new thread and trashing this one. Idk. What do you guys think?

I guess this qualifies as an announcement. There’s gonna be a second server! More information will be released over time.


Keep this thread specifically for Pirate Cove. Then make a new one for the other server. Obviously their mechanics are quite different so it will cause confusion if we have both of them on the same thread.


Hey yacht crafter? mcsplodey and cute turtles seem to be glitching stuff around…

and mcsplodey stole my sister’s ice torches again…is there anything you can do about it?


Dodokiin pls don’t double post you can just edit your previous comment:)


oh thx. you’re the cat’s sister right?(kairu22?)