Cloud world: Pirate Cove


@dodokiin, mcsplodely stole, how exactly?


well my he left a sign saying that he’ll give it back when he meets her. and she says he plucked it off her ice room.not sure how though.(my sister is usera btw)


Oohhh USERAAAA! :smiley:
He’s an admin so he’d be able to take the placed ice torches. I don’t know why he would do that though. I’ll ask him about it when I see him. I’m sure he’d give Usera back the ice torches.


Yes XD


my sister says that mcsplodey and cute turtles have been abusing admin power.she said that cute turtles replaced her sign owner ship and took her portal,and that mcsplodey replaced her generator as his…just thought it was worth posting


Wow, We will take this seriously, I’ll contact yacht immediately about this.


my sister says thanks dear penguin lord.may the blessing of the feathergod be with you.


The owner has not gotten back to me, but for now,
MCSPLODEY and CUTETURTLES have been unadmined. They will be mods until we clear up this situation.

@mcsplodey, cuteturtles,
Please do not take this the wrong way, I just don’t want anymore admin abuse accusations etc until we have fully understood and uncovered this situation. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, there’s really no way to avoid this. If McSplodey replaced the generator for whatever reason, it would ‘belong’ to him. Admins can’t place objects in someone else’s name.

I’ve had the same issue when I found benches floating and replaced them. The only way around it is to catch the original owner online so you can drop the item, and have them pick it up. That transfers ownership.

If I understand the issue about the sign, the same applies there as well. It may well be that McSplodey and cuteturtles found the placed griefed, and tried to help clean up.


ummm my sister says that mcsplodey was innocent. and that she made a mistake…hmmm


Yes. I was about to post that:)

MCSPLODEY has been cleared and proven innocent. It was a misunderstanding. MCSPLODEY has been readmined.

Regarding CUTETURTLES, we have not come to a conclusion yet. She will remain a mod till we get to the truth.


Oooooo! Hiiii Usera’s brother (I think) And a second server? Awesome :3 Sorry that I’ve been so unactive, homework is a PAIN!


Tell me about it Nestea… Tonight I have to do a few more algebra problems and three pages of Principles of Engineering homework… And study for a history test on Thursday.


Well, let me say that my teacher even told us she would constantly give us homework and sometimes I procrastinate. I just started middle school, though so I’ll get used to it soon… maybe…


Ooh! Middle school was fun! Just wait for high school. It gets a lot more “fun!” As you get older the years to by faster and faster. Middle school started showing me a lot about who I was and gave me things to do. High school really shapes you though, and keeps you busy. Always. I’m lucky to go three days a month with your homework now. But it still just flies by. I can’t believe I’m three weeks in already!


LUCKY! You’re taking algebra. Algebra 2 is so much harder:( We get around 50 problems of homework each day.


…Wow. I would rather quit school and work xP
Ok, jokes. Maybe.


@Ollivander that’s what I’m taking. I was just too lazy to put the II. :stuck_out_tongue: I finished my homework though!


Okay.:stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been able to finish my homework too, just the amount is overwhelming.


Heh. I feel lucky. :smiley:
My math teacher doesn’t care too much about homework. He cares more about the tests.
He also has a can of fake snow to spray at people, which is more effective than pepper spray.