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Ah, good old PoE and PLTW.:slight_smile:

Accelerated Algebra II here. Great fun.


Algebra, I remember those days.


I’m taking two advanced classes, and a third that should qualify as one. Advanced Algebra II, Honors English, and the third that pretty much is one is POE (principles of engineering). So much homework… Right now we are building complex machines with VEX. My partner and I are aiming for a high mechanical advantage and are using a heel and axle to power a screw to power a gear train to power a pulley to lift a weight. Maybe more if we have time. Go POE!


It would be weird if u when to my middle school.


I believe you are older than me?


Probably, I’m in 7th grade (U.S). Algebra 2 is 11th grade.


You sound familiar.:stuck_out_tongue:
I had a few sixth graders in my geo class last year…


You guys have algebra 2?
I only had algebra 1, after that we all had Geometry.


I think Algebra 2 is after geometry, not sure if that applies nationally or not.


It is…


I used to love html. But working it and reworking it can get incredibly tiring over time. It also gives me a good “excuse” to ignore pi. :stuck_out_tongue:


But… HTML is great :smiley: I like java script more though.


It’s great, but just gets annoying to keep on editing. Then again, reworking a bunch of things in general is boring, lol.


Try CSS. You’ll be amazed at the things you can do with it. Or Xml, very similar to HTML.


It took me forever to teach myself what little I know of html. There are a few reasons I can’t take online courses to learn that stuff, but let’s not talk about that.


Not for me. It usually comes before, but most people dont take it at all and proceed to geometry.


This site helps a lot, just in case you want to learn up on any computer languages :slight_smile: I’ve acquired the bulk of my knowledge here.


[SIZE=1](Tj’s HTML is terrible. :P)[/SIZE]


Yeah, that’s what I fought myself html from. Just used a list and memorized stuff. Heh.

Well Eg, aren’t you just a ray of sunshine tonight.


Terrible analogy.

You forget I am a [SIZE=3]vampireh[/SIZE]!