Cloud world: Pirate Cove


Memorizing is only the first part. After that, you gotta get creative and find unique ways to code HTML. That’s when the real fun happens :smiley:


It is a terrible analogy! A terrible analogy for a terrible person. :stuck_out_tongue: Vampires. Blech.

I don’t even know where to start Bucket, lol.



Haven’t quite figured out how to link to an external style sheet from a welcome page yet, but the <style> tag works just fine for me. And TJ, you can do a lot with <div> and <span>.:slight_smile:


Oh, I have algebra 1. It’s 9th grade-I’m in sixth.


I did Geometry in 6th:3


Oh, wow. It’s been a while since somebody posted in this thread. So, 2 announcements. First, we won the golden streak award for best pvp server! Yeah! Secondly, there’s a new server scheduled to be released when 1.6 is released, in a few weeks approximately. Some mild changes will be made and the old world will be destroyed. Yup! So make sure you’re ready to pack!


Yay! I’m glad you guys won!


It’s been very exciting.

I’ll say the necessary “thank yous” for everybody.

Thank yous to everyone who voted for us.
Thanks to all the peoples who have helped make this a thing.
It’s… It’s been such a great experience to… sob to work with such gre- such great people.
[SIZE=1][FONT=garamond](That I haven’t seen in a couple of weeks because of things… (Seriously though. I barely know half of the staff now. (Kidding. It’s more like a quarter. (Jeez. This looks like a math equation.))))[/FONT][/SIZE]

Honestly though, thank you for actually thinking this server was good enough to win something.
Thank you.



cockroach is reading this…I can feel it!


I am…

Anyways, congrats on the reward! Can’t wait for the 1.6 world!


The world itself is practically finished already. I just have to finish the boring part now… Drafting the staff list and finishing the world page. Should’ve had this done weeks ago, but there was life, and procrastination, and I was busy, but mostly procrastination.


If the world’s finished, would we have another Pirate Cove? (first post on this thread! :rolleyes:) (nice logo by the way)


It’s basically like we’re having a world reset. I will be shutting down the other server and making the new one public. That’s pretty much how it works.


Hi people :smiley: If you don’t know me already, I’m Bucket, co-owner of server Land of Omicron. So I’m here just to say the Pirate Cove has become a part of PPP!

What is PPP? PPP stands for Popularity Partnership Program. This is to help Pirate Cove, Omicron, Cheeseworld, and many other future developing / developed servers get more popularity, players, legit items, and communication between all of them, simply uniting them together. Read more about it here, if you’re interested. Have a nice day to you all! :slight_smile:


I am going to retake pirate cove #1.

(I’m hiring mercenaries from diamond’s kingdom, prepare for commander Aj plays)


Heh. You wish. I should remind you about what happened last time we met. It didn’t exactly end prettily for you. I have a plan and it’s already been set in motion. And best of all, everyone loves it.


I’m building a recruitment post on diamond’s kingdom.

Offering gold to anyone who can give me a good veiw of the server now.

Go to diamond’s kingdom for pay.


Hah. You won’t stand a chance. You’ll be dead. Many times over. And you wnt be able to do anything about it.


What do u mean I…

…better hire cops for my capital server!!!


Hah, no. Don’t worry, we don’t care enough about your server to go and attack on it