Cloud world: Pirate Cove


In that case…

…we can keep making troops :cool: never gonna beat me.


There is this admin who kept hitting everyone and killing them and stealing their money and she started killing me and i ran and then left the server and then went back and i was banned. Can you please unban me? My name is Randoma£ thanks!!!


Who is the admin? Also, did you read the world rules? Killing and stealing is allowed, this is a pvp server!


@Amy, I’m an admin on this server,

Firstoff, this is a pvp server with no spawn immunity-the moment you log on, you can be attacked by others. The pvp aspect is mentioned in the Welcome page of this server.

Secondly, running away in the middle of a fight is considered unsportsmanlike and is also against the rules of the server. How would players fight if the losing player flees everytime?

The rules and most of what I mentioned here, are in the Welcome page as well.

I do hope you read the welcome page of the next server you join. :slight_smile:


Running is allowed, the part that isn’t is leaving and then returning, trying to avoid the fight.


Teleporting is allowed! -Usera-


Yes. I should have worded what I said better:)

Not allowed: Pressing pause button in the middle of a player attack, or exiting the server on purpose in a pvp fight

Allowed: Teleporting away / getting your blockhead somewhere else via walking etc.


Attention players and members of the blockheads community!

A new group has arisen in Pirate Cove called the New Republic. The Rebel Mercenaries and Freelancers have merged with myself, to form one, larger organization. One we are firmly established, a leader will be elected by you to take charge of the armies. Although we have not yet agreed on all of the laws of this group, we have a good idea of what they might include.

  1. Server rules are to be followed at all times.
  2. Murder is illegal in offense, but not self-defense or defense of others.
  3. New players are not only to be untouched, but are to be protected.

As long as Pirate Cove has lived, nobody has yet attempted to tap into the true potential of the server. Right now, most people spend their time at spawn making easy kills on new people. Why do we waste our time doing this, when we could build a true blockhead nation out of nothing? We could unite this server under one name, and make it so you don’t HAVE to fight! Your buildings will be safe because of the police force on the street! There will be no invasions of cities because of the army removing all threats! Instead of pure chaos, there will be a system, where everyone has a niche.

To get started, a lot of manpower and effort will be required. This is no easy task, at all. We will need you guys to help! In beginning, we will simply be an army. Once we have land, we will grow to so much more. A civilization, an empire. We’ll turn Pirate Cove into a beautiful server.

In my eyes, the servers that are the most comparable to real life are the one that have been long forgotten by their owners, with no admins whatsoever. The ones with no rules, and nobody to enforce them. Those will be our new frontier. Once Pirate Cove is united under one name, why stay on that tiny land? We can spread our ideals to new worlds, and become a cause on top of a civilization.

Through lots of hard work and some generous donations, we have acquired over 200 sets of armor, and over 500 sets of ice armor. If anybody is wanting to help or learn more, shoot me a pm or post here. Actually, for questions or suggestions, just post her, as someone else might have the same one. If you don’t want it to be known that you are involved in this, a pm will be more than fine. I hope to see you all when 1.6 comes out. Thanks for reading this guys!


I could get you guys TONS of stuff if I could somehow get a portal chest but srtill, the fighting aspect is FUN.


There will still be fighting. There’s always somebody who opposes something. There will be the people who try to break our laws. Then, you can kill them. Or if you join the military you can fight that way.


Colonising neglected worlds is not fair on those playing them already. If I start getting complaints about you coming in and spoiling the fun of players established in neglected worlds I will not be pleased.


In neglected worlds, I would mean ones that have long since run out of credit and have been out of credit for some time. If the owner or a staff member comes back and doesn’t like what we’re doing, then we tear down and set up shop somewhere else. Other servers with rules similar to Pirate Cove, of course, will also be part of the goal. As long as I’m in charge of this group, I’ll make sure we stick by the guidelines you’ve put up for us.


Sounds good! Thanks.


No problem Milla! I probably should have clarified that when I originally posted, heh. The people originally located in at world will have first say, always. As long as nobody within the group sneaks something past me, it’ll be that way.


Is that ice torch room part of spawn? I accidentally placed my gold bed there, and had to break a block to remove it. A player then decided to report me, for “pausing then breaking spawn”.


Want to join! Sounds so fun!


Nah it isn’t. People technically griefed to put it there, but I’m done getting rid of it for it to be replaced while I sleep. -_-

I can’t wait to see you Hiyaa!




Do you still remember me? The one who banned himself?


Yeah, I do. Blockcraft Server Owner, right