Cloud world: Pirate Cove


I would advise against responding to any future posts of his on this thread. He was banned and he shouldn’t stir things up here again.

Andrew, I don’t see why you need to constantly remind everyone about you. We don’t need that.


Uhm, is the second server open yet? Or atleast I thought there would be a second server… BUT

[SIZE=1]Still haven’t been able to kill TJ… [/SIZE]

Edit- The spawn is great c: Also, I’ve left a stone tower going up to ‘hidden’ base. :3 Anyone is invited in… Not like I have anything secret inside. Someone took some shelves while I was gone, but that’s fine.


Fifth? He banned himself. Wouldn’t come back.

@Nestea it’s been a long time since you’ve played, you have no idea what you’re up against.

And FYI, once 1.6 comes out, Pirate Cove V1 will be turned to private and V2 will be put public. This will allow all players to thoroughly pack up when the update gets here. Also, a new server named Crystal Seas is coming! It is going to be a free build server. No rules, really, except just chill, relax, and keep it cool for everybody. There are already some pretty cool things built on there, and I plan for there to be a lot more. Once more info is released about 1.6, I will post more information about both servers. :slight_smile:


Yeh. 1.6

Marvelous new spawn.

I might be doing stuff.

For now. I suppose.

Kinda semi-back.

Lotta catching up to do, huh?

I hate that.


I know right? The new spawn is going to be amazinggggggg!


Will it have space for my ice torch room? :3


No, it will not. Heck, with my new personal goal in place, I doubt there will be room for it anywhere.


I heard jet packs are coming out, I’m gonna shoot Nelson and nestea whith I gold bow while flying.


You know what, Ruby? You try whatever you want. You’re just going to have to deal with me. And pretty much everyone else.


nooooooooo…:frowning: whywhywhy…


[spoiler] Did I just tell tj I’ll be on pirate cove 2?! :confused::pWho wants to be my bodyguard. [/spoiler]


For emperor TJ!Lol


Dude, you really don’t get it, do you? This army has been planned for over a month now. You’re trying to get guards just now? Army vs. Bodyguard. Who wins, do you think?


Oh cool.I wanna join that army when piste cove 2 comes to our shores.


I’m gonna snipe you while flying in 1.6 (when I get a jetpack and gold bow that is)

But the 25% of me that is still loyal to you says snipe Nelson.

Hm. Who will I snipe.

[spoiler] Nelson!!! [/spoiler]


Death to the false emperor!(That means Nelson)


I am so totally joining pirate cove 2 when it comes. Jetpacks are gonna make PvP and war awesome.


Usera, if you want to join us, you’re more than welcome. It’s going to be tough at first, but over time it will be made easier and easier. Head, if you come on, I hope you make the right decision.


Definatly going to be on pirate cove 2 :slight_smile: Can’t wait for the update!
Possibly starting my own group of my own, actually.
Or I might join the New Republic.


Might might be your best choice. Just sayin.

Edit: Aww… Someone down-voted the server back to 3 stars. :frowning: